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Last month, I was on a course in New Westminster.  It was one of those rare opportunities that my friend was taking the same course.  Usually we cover each other’s absence at the office.   This is considered one of those benefits that you don’t immediately think about when temporarily working in a different office.

Our course was only steps away from River Market and when lunch time came, we decided to explore our options there.  We walked around the main market area and checked out the various food stalls.  After our quick scan, we decided to have burgers from Wally’s Burgers.  There was a small line-up which gave me a few minutes to ponder the menu.  Just when I thought it would be a difficult decision, I looked over and saw the specials board.  The feature burger was the Wally Mushroom Swiss Burger.  Done — I ordered the burger special.


After unwrapping the burger, I took a quick picture before taking my first bite.  I took a bite of the burger and was pleasantly surprised that the hamburger bun was very soft.  It brought back memories of the bread that my parents used to buy when I was in grade school.

Although the size of the hamburger was a bit smaller than what I expected, it tasted pretty good.  The combination of melted swiss cheese and grilled mushrooms on the soft bun was satisfying.  The fries were crispy and I cleaned off the entire order.

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