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Although it has been quite chilly out, the past week of sunny days has been a good change from the wet, cold and dreary weather a couple of weeks ago.

Last weekend, my mom and I were at Metrotown.  After completing our many errands and grocery expeditions, we stopped at Manzano European Bakery for some treats.  Over the years, I’ve been to Manzano a handful of times.  The first time was a few years ago while looking for a simple and easy purchase for lunch.  At the time, I bought a couple of apple croissants and really enjoyed them.  I met a friend for lunch there a couple of years ago and tried one of their sandwiches.  Although I don’t remember which sandwich I ordered, it seemed reasonable for the price and the taste.

People say going (food) shopping on an empty stomach is not a good idea.  I must agree with that.  My original intention was to go in and buy a couple of apple croissants and maybe a loaf of bread.  But, of course, on an empty stomach, everything looked good.  This is what came home with us…


Raspberry Mousse, Almond Ameretto, Mango Mousse

Raspberry Mousse, Almond Ameretto, Mango Mousse

Apple Croissant and Cheese Croissant

Apple Croissant and Cheese Croissant

The photo only shows one Apple Croissant and one Cheese Croissant, but I actually ordered two of each.  I finished inhaling the first apple croissant before realizing that photos were yet to be taken.

The Apple Croissant and Cheese Croissant were as good as I remembered them to be.  The little cakes, on the other hand, were a bit disappointing.  We were trying the cakes for the first time and there were two common observations that stood out for us.  First, was that the representative flavour was very strong — almond had a very strong almond taste to it (and almond flakes); raspberry had the tart raspberry flavour (with raspberry seeds) and mango was very intense mango flavour.  Second, the layer of cake at the bottom, though only a thin layer, was dry as sawdust.  For me, it took away from the overall taste of the cake.  After being bombarded by the intense mousse or custard at the top, the cake at the bottom was a bit disappointing.

Would I go back there again?  Yes, I would go back from the apple croissants and the cheese croissants.  I might even pick up a loaf of walnut bread as well or meet a friend for a sandwich.  However, I’m not convinced that the little cakes are to my preference so I’ll pass on those next time.
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