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I miss the fun and simple days of travelling and feasting with V. The fabulous thing about travelling and dining with V is that she appreciates good food regardless of if it is expensive or cheap.  She usually has a good idea about what she’s craving or what type of cuisine to try — an ideal travel buddy for someone like me who has decision-making difficulty, especially when it comes to food and menu choices.  To top that all off, we both have big appetites and can eat-eat-eat.  Travelling with people who have self-imposed limits on their appetites or the type of food/cuisine they eat puts a bit of a damper on the dining experience.

Since V moved back to Vancouver, we’ve made the effort to meet frequently.  At first she and her hubby K were busy with settling back into Vancouver and then baby-vk came along.  As you can imagine, words such as “busy” and “sleep” took on entirely different meanings to them.   I try to visit often to hang out with V and play with baby-vk.  Since the summer, V and I have made an effort to meet up at least once a month and spend some time together.  It usually involves some form of running errands or maybe some shopping but it always involves good eats.

Over the past few months, we have had many great meals which I have yet to blog but today I will write about our most recent dining adventures in Vancouver.  You guessed it, as part of my time off in September, I reserved a day to hang out with V.  I have wanted to try Fable Kitchen on 4th Avenue for some time now and this was a perfect opportunity to go. V liked my suggestion so off we went for a girls lunch at Fable Kitchen.

We were a little late leaving the house and arrived in time for a late lunch.  According to their website, Fable Kitchen is open for lunch between the hours of 11 am to 2 pm.  The benefit to a late lunch was that the lunch rush was over and we had our pick of the tables.  It was not too busy so the server was very attentive but not intrusive.  The drawback of a late lunch is that the daily specials are dwindling in numbers if even still available.  The server was quick to tell us that the lunch special of the day (some sort of sandwich? egg salad maybe?) only had two left and the other table of five people were just about to order.  It was nice that she told us in case we had our hearts set on the special but neither V nor myself were craving egg salad so we thanked her kindly and continued to study the menu.

IMG_20140924_130744 IMG_20140924_141213

IMG_20140924_142448 IMG_20140924_130100

V and I started off by ordering (non-alcoholic) drinks.  She ordered the Fabled Virgin which tasted like a berry lemon lime bitters.  I looked at the options on the menu and ordered the Strawberry Soda.


The first item that caught my attention was Yarrow Meadows Duck Confit Salad.  I tried to read the other options and give them some consideration.  However, my eyes kept wandering back to the duck confit salad.  It’s pretty obvious what I ended up ordering.  V selected the Beef Burger, adding on “the works” (all of bacon, cheddar, mushroom and eggs).  I felt like ordering an appetizer so V agreed to share the Chick Pea Fritters with me.  It’s a good thing she did or I wouldn’t have been able to finish my food.

Chick Pea Fritters

Chick Pea Fritters

V's Beef Burger with "the works"

V’s Beef Burger with “the works”

My Yarrow Meadows Duck Confit Salad

My Yarrow Meadows Duck Confit Salad

The food was soooo yummy!! I loved the freshness of the greens whether it was the pea shoots topping the Chick Pea Fritters or the warmed kale in my Duck Confit Salad.  The house curry mayo was superb.  While I didn’t lick the plate clean, I did use the fritter to scoop up as much mayo as I could.  Most surprising for me was the duck.  My meat expectation on the salad was just a couple of thinly slices of duck nicely fanned out on top of the salad.  You know, the pretty but unpractical portions that restaurants serve and you as the diner feel like you’ve paid extra money for the kitchen to play tetris with it.  Nope, not the case here.  I was pleasantly surprised by the big bone-in duck leg that showed up on top of the salad… and it was sooooo good!  I would definitely order this again.

Fable Kitchen on Urbanspoon

After our filling lunch at Fable Kitchen, we went for a short walk along 4th Avenue to work off some of the food.  We pondered over what to do next as V didn’t have any errands to run and I had not made any plans for tasks to complete.   To me, hanging out with V was the theme of the day.  As neither one of us had specific things to do or places to be, we decided to find a nice place to sit down and chat.  We were still full from lunch but as we all know, dessert is a separate stomach.  😉  V suggested afternoon tea (dessert) at Soho Tea Room and I was keen on trying it.  (V and I love our asian desserts…)


IMG_20140924_153327 IMG_20140924_152634 IMG_20140924_152915

My original craving was to order a drink and get the free toast.   I was eyeing the “condensed milk & butter on thick toast.”  I even went so far as to take a photo of this corner of the menu (for my blogging) to remind myself of what was ordered.  While V was still deciding, I flipped through the rest of the menu and noticed the “mini wooden bucket tofu soya dessert.”   Suddenly, I forgot about the free toast and was determined to get the latter.  Warm tofu dessert … perfect for a chilly day!  I was soooo content.   V ordered the fluffy milk toast with a drink.

My mini wooden bucket tofu soya dessert...

My mini wooden bucket tofu soya dessert…

look at that lovely tofu soya dessert...

look at that lovely tofu soya dessert…

V's tea

V’s tea

V's fluffy milk toast

V’s fluffy milk toast

Soho Tea Room on Urbanspoon

Think our food adventure was done for the day?  Think again!

We returned to V’s place to play with baby-vk and hang out with K. When we were ready for more food, V, K, baby-vk and I went out for dinner at Milestones Grill and Bar.  I’m not sure why, but again the salad section on the menu called out to me.

IMG_20140924_200612 IMG_20140924_203021


Here’s what we ordered:

Lobster and Crab Cheese Dip... yum yum....

Lobster and Crab Cheese Dip… yum yum….

V's Portobello Mushroom Chicken

V’s Portobello Mushroom Chicken

K's Spicy Thai Basil Noodles

K’s Spicy Thai Basil Noodles

my Grilled Chicken Salad

my Grilled Chicken Salad

Crispy Cauliflower

Crispy Cauliflower

Given how much food I’d been eating all day, the salads were perfect for my appetite.  I like the mixed flavour of the cilantro and the honey lime peanut vinaigrette.  Next time I go to Milestones, I know what I’m getting again – the Grilled Chicken Salad!

And just when you think I’m done eating for the day… one more item!  B wasn’t able to join us for dinner but she came out and joined us for dessert.   B ordered the Ganache Torte, V opted for the Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp and I was undecided about the dessert shots.  I wanted to try the apple crisp but a full order if it would be too much.  I suddenly wanted key lime pie (because I love most lime items) and I was also craving a bit of cheesecake.  The dessert shots looked like a great idea since it would be a small portion of each item.  However, even my dessert stomach was starting to warn me away from a big dessert.  After asking the server if it was possible to have certain desserts swapped out, he told us that the mini dessert can be ordered on a per shot basis.  I asked for the key lime pie and the cheesecake.  I quickly realized that the cheesecake was good but the key lime pie was only so-so. Thankfully I only ordered a mini (shot) size dessert!!


B's Ganache Torte

B’s Ganache Torte

V's Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp

V’s Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp

My two selected dessert shots: Key Lime Pie and White Chocolate Cheesecake

My two selected dessert shots: Key Lime Pie and White Chocolate Cheesecake

Milestones Grill and Bar on Urbanspoon