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A couple of weeks after our feast at The Oakwood Canadian Bistro, Vikki and I met up for dinner at Farmer’s Apprentice.  It was the other restaurant that I picked out from the Georgia Straight’s list of underrated restaurants (March 12, 2014).

We arrived ridiculously early and spent some time walking around the shops along Granville Street.  It was a typical Vancouver day with rain, rain and more rain.  Unfortunately, that meant carrying umbrellas around while we browsed in the various furniture and gadget shops. When it was time to claim our reservation, we walked back to the restaurant on West 6th Avenue.


The restaurant had a very casual and home feeling to it.  When I saw the front entrance and later where we were seated at the back of the restaurant, I felt like I was entering a countryside environment.  At first I was a little surprised when we were seated at the very back of the restaurant and almost felt I was on the outskirts of the restaurant.  We were literally a step away from the cloakroom and the washroom was only three steps away (on the other side of the coat racks).  Would the servers even remember we were back there?  The main dining area seemed empty so it was a little odd to be so far away from everything.

IMG_3418 IMG_3419 IMG_3416 IMG_3421

As the place filled up with patrons, I didn’t mind our seats at the back of the restaurant.  The servers didn’t forget about us and checked on us quite frequently.  It was nice to have a little privacy and to be away from the crowds and noise of the main dining area.  It still felt as though we were not part of the restaurant but at least we could enjoy our meal without disruptions and noise from the other patrons.

IMG_3417 IMG_3420

As is the norm for us, we picked out a number of items that we wanted to share and each ordered a drink.  We ordered the Daily Non-Alcoholic Juice Cocktail.  I don’t remember what the juice cocktails were but mine had three items mixed in… one of which was cucumber.  I didn’t pay much attention to the juice itself but the tall glass that they used to serve it in had a pretty cool design on it.

IMG_3422 IMG_3423

Here’s what we ordered… some of which I can’t remember which was what.  We ordered a couple of items from the vegetable section – one of which was the Whey Poached Celeriac (with crispy grits, slow cooked egg yolk, walnut and celery vinaigrette).  I think that’s the first two photos below but I can’t say for sure.

IMG_3425 IMG_3427

I cannot remember what this item is… except that it’s an awfully big plate for very little food.  Pretty to look at but not very practical for my eating purposes.


Under the seafood section, we ordered a couple of fish dishes to share.  The halibut dish was good except the greens were a bit on the salty side.  Similarly, I really enjoyed the smoked sablefish but found the accompanying beef consomme too salty.

halibut with nettles chanterelles, carmelized buttermilk, black pepper gnocchi

halibut with nettles chanterelles, carmelized buttermilk, black pepper gnocchi

smoked sablefish with clams, turnips, mushrooms and beef consomme

smoked sablefish with clams, turnips, mushrooms and beef consomme

my portion... in my bowl...

my portion… in my bowl…

When it came to dessert, Vikki and I only ordered the kaffir lime semifredo… which was absolutely delicious!  I even made a notation on my (phone) notepad that it was phenomenal and refreshing.  While we were still marvelling over the kaffir lime semifredo, we were pleasantly surprised when the servers came out with an additional dessert for us to try (free of charge).  Not sure what we did to be rewarded with the extra dessert but they did ask us to provide some feedback on this newer menu item. I wonder if it’s because we gave them our feedback as we tried each dish…?

kaffir lime semifredo, tamarind mousse, lemon balm

kaffir lime semifredo, tamarind mousse, lemon balm

bonus dessert.... lychee and yogurt sorbet, grapefruit, strawberry vinegar, tapioca...?

bonus dessert…. lychee and yogurt sorbet, grapefruit, strawberry vinegar, tapioca…?



Of all the items we tried, my favourites were the smoked sablefish (without the beef consomme) and the kaffir lime semifredo.  Just thinking of that dessert makes me want to go back and order another one…except, I am pretty sure they have changed their dessert menu.

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