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The Wildebeest photos only accounted for one set of dinner photos waiting to be shared.  In this post, I’ll share a couple of lunch photos that were taken around the same time.  This was earlier in the year when I was working on the project and had time to explore other food options around our downtown office.

I was meeting a colleague for lunch and we wanted to try something different.  From our individual sources, we heard about a take-away poutine place that was not too far from the office.  (I love poutine).  We decided to try it out and picked a sunny day to walk over to Mean Poutine.

We were quite fortunate that the weather was nice when we walked the few blocks over to Mean Poutine.  There was a brisk wind blowing.  Because Mean Poutine is set up for patrons to order at the window, pay and then stand on the street waiting while the poutine is made fresh to order, we noticed that brisk wind while waiting.  In fact, it got quite chilly while we were standing there waiting.  My guesstimate would be that we were there for at least 10 minutes and pretty soon I was doing the “warmth dance” to keep myself warm..

When our orders were ready, we  picked up our poutine packed in takeout containers and walked back to the office.  We set up at the desk and eagerly opened our take out containers.  Here is what greeted us….


Mean Supreme

Mean Supreme

I cannot remember what my colleague ordered and it was quite difficult for me to match her order to the photos on the website.  I wonder if she asked to hold certain toppings from her order.   I ordered the Mean Supreme (bottom photo).  They seemed a bit pricey for an order of poutine but we still wanted to try it out.

Overall, I found the poutine portion was big and the toppings were good.  I found the gravy a bit too salty for my taste and the fries were a bit soggy.  It is possible that the fries were not meant to be carried back to the office and the condensation within the box may have caused the fries to turn soggy.  I also found the size of the portion was a bit too much for me.  I think my colleague felt the same about the portions as she did not finish her order.  It seems a bit of a waste to throw it out and I practically forced myself to finish the last few bites of my order.  Not a good idea since I felt sluggish and too full for the rest of the day.  Perhaps if they had a smaller portion that cost less, then I might go back again…

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