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Every year, as the year-end festivities wind down and the Christmas lights are turned off, Vancouver goes into a table-booking frenzy.  From mid-January to the beginning of February, many restaurants across Vancouver and neighbouring suburbs participate in the annual Dine Out Vancouver event.   Restaurants offer diners the opportunity to try specific adaptations of the menu for a fixed price/category.  Reservations are strongly recommended (and sometimes required) for many of the Dine Out restaurants.

It’s a good thing that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions to eat less and exercise more.  I can achieve the  “Exercise more” suggestion is okay but the “eat less” does not sit well with me.  If the two were flipped around I’d have no problem meeting that goal!  (Eat more and exercise less).  Although I have to say that the “eating less” has become a norm for me since working in Richmond.  Not cool…I need to eat more.  But I’ve digressed…

For months, Jey and I talked about meeting for either lunch or dinner.  We eventually settled on a particular time and date for dinner.  Realizing that our dinner fell within the week(s) of Dine Out Vancouver, we selected a location convenient for both of us and promised an appetizing menu.  We picked the Riverway Clubhouse at the Riverway Golf Course.

Because it was the end of January, it was dark by dinnertime.  To add to the excitement, we had to drive through a few fog patches to get to the Riverway Golf Course.  At one point, we wondered if the entrance was long gone but we were relieved to turn a corner and see that everything was right on track.

Jey and I were seated by the window.  The seating was spaced out comfortably.  For the sake of comparison, from the outer edge of our table and to the outer edge of the neighbouring table, I’ve been to restaurants that have managed to fit three tables.  Those other restaurants make me feel a bit claustrophobic and too close for comfort.  I was quite happy with the extra breathing space.

After looking over the menu options and discussing what we wanted to order, we turned our conversation to updates and funny incidents.  We paused our update-conversation when the server came over to take our order.  Our original order was one order each of the “Braised Pork and Sesame Crusted Scallops” and “Vanilla Poached Canadian Lobster Tail” (appetizers) and then one each of the “Queen Charlotte Islands Halibut” and the “24 Hour Roasted Angus Prime Rib” (mains).



After placing our order, Jey and I excitedly chattered about the scallops and lobster tails for a few minutes before moving back to updates in our work and life.    Suddenly we heard an “Excuse me, excuse me…” I looked over to see the girl from two tables away grabbing her purse from her lap and moving over to our table.  The first thought that crossed my mind was did we hit a conversational topic that she had an opinion to add?  Jey told me afterwards that she thought something had fallen on the floor and the girl was trying to alert us.  Neither one of those were correct.  In fact, she was trying to alert us that the braised pork and scallops was not worth ordering.  She was very passionate about telling us that it was a small order and not in “multiple” as we thought.  I can’t remember if it was the pork or the scallop but she stressed several time that it was singular, not plural (single piece not multiple pieces).  It was quite amusing to watch her get all worked up about it.  We asked her if she had ordered it herself (maybe she did and felt cheated by the size of it?)  No, she saw it come out of the kitchen and she didn’t like what she saw so both her and her friend ordered the lobster tail.  She told us that the lobster tail was really good.  She suggested we change our order.

Jey and I talked about it and then we waved the server down to change it to two lobster tails.  So yes, we never did see or try the pork and scallop.  However, we were quite pleased with the lobster tail.  For someone who is “okay” with lobster (aka me), I was impressed with this appetizer.  It is not something sharable.  Of course, trying to get the lobster meat out of the shell without flinging either part across the table felt like a tabletop martial arts competition.

The girl at the other table stopped by our table as she made her way to the Chocolate Buffet.  She asked if we enjoyed the lobster tails and wasn’t it a great idea to change.  We thanked her for recommendations and chuckled after she left. She certainly was passionate about the lobster tail (or is it… not to order the pork and scallop).  LOL

Vanilla Poached Canadian Lobster Tail

Vanilla Poached Canadian Lobster Tail

Queen Charlotte Islands Halibut

Queen Charlotte Islands Halibut

24 Hour Roasted Prime Rib

24 Hour Roasted Prime Rib

Our mains were served shortly after and we enjoyed our meals.  Jey ordered the halibut and I ordered the prime rib.  We shared a bite each to taste the other person’s main course. Jey mentioned that the halibut was a bit on the dry side.  I was quite content with my prime rib.  Yum yum… I’d order it again.

After we were done with the mains, the server told us that the dessert choices were either the Chocolate Buffet or the Classic Tiramisu.  Jey and I both opted for the Chocolate Buffet.  Look at all the choices!

IMG_2388 IMG_2389

We had a wonderful evening of catching up, eating good food and getting advice from the neighbouring table (hahaha).  I look at the calendar and I think it’s time for me to see if and when Jey has time to meet up again for some casual conversation and some good eats.
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