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Timeliness – a topic that B and I chatted about over delicious dessert.  I wrote my previous blog post with our discussion in mind.  As I loaded the photos and added my finishing touches to the post, I remembered… didn’t B and I talk about that before?  In fact, we did while dining earlier in the year!

B and I met up for dinner in March.  We arranged for our dinner to coincide with the Dining Out for Life event that was happening in Vancouver.  Dining Out for Life is an annual fundraising event where restaurant partners contribute 25% of food sales to specified registered not-for-profit AIDS service organizations.  B went through the list of participating restaurants and selected Siena Restaurant.

Siena is on West 12th Avenue just steps from Granville Street.  I arrived much too early for the dinner reservation and decided to walk around the Fairview / South Granville neighbourhood.

When it was time to claim the reservation, I walked back and realized that B was already there.  After exchanging our initial greetings and brief updates, I settled down to study the menu.  I was looking for something light and with minimal cream or sauce.  I chose the Linguine con Vongole.  B studied the menu and the menu board and decided to order one of the Specials on the menu board.  Though I didn’t write the full name of it, I remember the description mentioned roasted goat cheese, gnocchi and flat-iron steak.  We also decided to share the Polento Fries as a starter.

Polenta Fries

Polenta Fries

The Polenta Fries arrived at the table piping hot.  They looked a bit dark on the outside and we did wonder if they had been overcooked.  Trying not to burn my tongue, I tried a little bite.  They were delicious!!!  I have to admit that it was difficult waiting for the fries to cool enough to eat.  I enjoyed them a lot.

Special of the day

Special of the day

Linguine con Vongole -  clams steamed in white wine, chilies, garlic and olive oil

Linguine con Vongole – clams steamed in white wine, chilies, garlic and olive oil

Our pasta meals were served shortly after.  I considered ordering what B had ordered… until I saw goat cheese in listing.  You got it.. Goat cheese is not high on my list.  I could eat it if I had to but when given other options, I’d prefer not to.  I enjoyed my Linguine von Congole.  Not sure how many clams are usually expected in an order, but there appeared to be a lot of clams served here.  When my pasta came out, I could barely see the linguine below.  Although I didn’t inhale my pasta, it was really good and I cleaned off the plate.

I would go back again to try some of the other items on the menu …. and, at the very least, an order of Polenta Fries!
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