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It has taken B and I several months of scheduling to arrange a mutually convenient night for dinner.  Working in Richmond makes meeting up on a weekday a bit trickier.  Between learning how to stop working at the end of the day and trying to avoid traffic, my schedule becomes somewhat restrictive as to what days I go out and where I am willing and able to commute to.

But… we managed to set up and commit to this evening.  B offered to meet me in Richmond for dinner but rather than have her fight bridge traffic, I suggested meeting somewhere in Vancouver.  We talked about going for ice cream as part of the evening.  My surfing of the Urbanspoon website resulted in discovering a dessert place in the Marpole neighborhood.  Thinking about dinner options, I also recalled seeing a sign with fish & chips in the area.  Was it not recently that I blogged about going for fish & chips with B… followed by ice cream?  I suggested eating at Mr Pickwick’s Fish & Chips and then walking off our dinner in time for some dessert at Doolami Dessert.  B thought that was a great idea and we arranged a meeting time.

I meant to get out of the office on time but as fate always has it, I was delayed in leaving and late to arrive.  😦  I was so focused on trying to find the place that I missed the entrance to the strip mall parking in front of Mr Pickwick’s. Luckily there is ample street parking in the neighbourhood.

I was 15 minutes late and B was already there.  Thankfully it was a nice evening so even though she was waiting outside, outdoor seating is available.  There is very little seating inside the shop and after ordering our food, we opted to sit outside.


We ordered the halibut and chips plus a canned soft drink each.  I haven’t had cream soda in a long time.  I needed a nice, sugary pick-me-up and cream soda was the perfect drink.  After a very short wait, the food was served to us.


Poor B… for having to put up with me.  I was still trying to collect myself together after my work day and asked her twice (if not three times) what her plans were for the weekend.  She calmly responded to it every time and then I would be, “oh right, you mentioned that already when I asked you a few minutes ago.”   She was such a good sport.  Maybe it’s just a sign of me getting old with a shorter short-term memory.  Yikes!

Diving into the food as we chatted, I was surprised at how slowly I eat.  B was finished her meal while half of my order was yet to be touched.  Time to catch up … not just on current events but on eating too!   I quite liked the fish, crispy on the outside and the halibut was juicy on the inside.  The chips tasted good too.  I cleaned off my entire order of food.  Yum yum…

Mr Pickwick's Fish & Chips on Urbanspoon

When I finally finished eating, we stacked up our serving platters and returned them to the person in the shop.  It was time to walk off our dinner in search of ice cream/dessert.

According to the street numbers, Doolami Dessert is a few blocks north of 70th Avenue on Granville Street.  B and I walked up to the address and realized that the place was still “closed.”  A quick check of the store hours and the time indicated that they would be opening in a few minutes at 7 pm.  We wandered along Granville, eventually stopping at a bench to sit and chat.  I asked B about her weekend … but this time about the previous weekends.  😉

At 7 pm, we walked back to Doolami Dessert and were the first guests to arrive for the evening.  It was our first time there and I was surprised to see how spacious the place felt.  The friendly server offered us some menus.  I wasn’t sure if it was a order-and-sit-down or table-service dessert place. B and I must have looked a bit lost standing in the middle of the dessert shop holding these menus.  The friendly server than asked us if it was our first time there (kinda obvious, eh?).  She mentioned that they had just opened recently and pointed out that the ice cream was hand-made.  She seated us after realizing that we weren’t ordering take-out.


IMG_20140904_193330 IMG_20140904_190838

B was determined to order the chocolate ice cream and after a bit of wavering, I went for the Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo.

While waiting for our desserts, I mentioned to B that I blogged 18 times in August.  I was rather busy at work so the increase in blogging was my personal retreat after a long day — setting aside matters that I was dealing with in the office and focusing my thoughts on friends and good eats.  We also chatted about timeliness of blogging.  (…And so for this, B… here’s the write-up about our dinner and dessert!)  😉

My dessert came out first.  Guess what B’s first reaction was?  It wasn’t related to the contents of the bowl.  Her first reaction was “That’s my favourite bowl!”   At first I thought she was joking but then she immediately identified the bowl (and the spoons) from Puddifoot. Oh yes, and she knows I am quoting her on that…

B had not tried mango sago cream with pomelo before so I suggested she try some.  The server was fantastic as she suggested bringing an extra spoon for us for my dessert and then automatically brought two spoons with B’s ice cream order.  B’s chocolate ice cream came in a waffle dish.  I tasted a bite and it was delicious.

IMG_20140904_192103 IMG_20140904_192625

I enjoyed my cool dessert.  It was refreshing but not too sweet. There were even some mango chunks at the bottom.  Would I go again?  You bet!  Would I order this dessert again?  Yes, unless I crave something else on my next visit.  As we were walking back to our cars, I asked B what she thought of our dinner and dessert choices and seems like they received her stamp of approval too.  In fact, I think we’ll arrange for another fish & chips and dessert again!

Doolami Dessert 多乐蜜甜品 on Urbanspoon