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After blogging about Mosaic,  I shared the link with friends who were mentioned in the write-up.  I have not seen my university friend (mentioned in the Mosaic write-up) for quite some time now and that post conveniently reminded us of that.  We decided that now’s a time as good as any and arranged to meet up for dinner.

As is always the case, we both have decision-making difficulty so we bounced the responsibility of picking a restaurant back and forth.  To make a long story short, with my love for using coupons and her willingness to drive anywhere, we picked a place from my coupon book – The Salmon House.  Of course, this is where it gets a little confusing for people like me since the coupon in the book and the online reservation website call it “The Salmon House” while everything else (including the restaurant’s own website) makes reference to “Salmon House on the Hill.”  Regardless, it has “salmon house” in both names and the address is the same.

I made the reservation online and was amused at how the restaurant posted a note reminding guests that while they may request window seating, it’s not guaranteed.  I had not thought about asking but after reading the comment, I put in a request as well.

Thanks to my friend’s GPS, we were able to find the restaurant and be on time for our reservation.  We were greeted by the two friendly young ladies at the door and promptly seated.  We didn’t get a table by the window but we were seated in a comfortable rounded booth that offered a bit of view when looking between the people sitting by the windows.  That was fine with me as the booth seating seemed more comfortable.



a quick photo of our view before the next guests get seated at that table ....

a quick photo of our view before the next guests get seated at that table ….

Looking at the view from our booth seat, I wonder how much better a window seat is.  I assume the trees are still in the way…?

After settling in, our server dropped by our table.  She told us about the special of the day and then answered my question about the popular items.  She pointed out a few items on the menu – salmon trio, halibut and ahi tuna items.  She left us for a few minutes before coming back to take our order.  My friend ordered the special which was a barbecued sockeye salmon and served over fresh vegetables and fingerlings.  I picked one of the popular items — the Alder Grilled Haida Gwaii Halibut.  The menu mentioned seared basil polenta, baby vegetables, swiss chard, roasted tomato confit and basil butter sauce.  Actually, I only read as far as polenta and didn’t need to read any further.  That’s the one.  We also ordered some bread to start.  Yup, even bread costs money…

My friend and I had much to catch up on.  We were barely finished one story (or maybe it had already segued into another story) when the warm bread came out.  According to the menu, it’s a  “Home Made Bread” with smoked wild salmon butter.  We were still working on the bread and on swapping updates when the mains came out.  So fast!


My friend's sockeye salmon

My friend’s sockeye salmon

My Haida Gwaii Halibut

My Haida Gwaii Halibut

I tried a bite of my friend’s salmon order.  The salmon tasted pretty good.  The barbecue flavour was there and the salmon was moist.  My order of halibut was good too although my favourite part of it was actually the polenta buried underneath the fish and vegetables.

Perhaps we had much to catch up on because in the blink of an eye, we finished our entrees and were presented with the dessert menus.  We were both full from our mains and decided to skip dessert.  (Gee, must be an obvious sign that we’re getting old as our appetites have shrunk.)  We paid our bill and left.  My friend knew I wanted to take some photos of the scenery so walked around to find a place where we could take photos.  It appears that the deck is blocked off for repairs or renovations so we wandered to the path in front of the restaurant.  Not much to see from there but better than having tables and people between my camera and the view.



Overall, it was a good experience.  Our server was good as she provided some recommendations and checked on us from time to time.  There was a younger server who attentively and constantly refilled the hot water for us.  Although we did not get a window seat, our booth was comfortable.  It also provided an illusion of more privacy which was perfect for our constant chattering.  The food was good.  It’s unfortunate that we were not able to enjoy much of the view which is, I assume, part of the selling point of the restaurant.  And, because we were there for an early dinner, we also missed the night view.

Now that I have been there, would I go back again?  Hmm… maybe.  While the food was fresh and the polenta was tasty, it wouldn’t be the meal that draws me back.  Vancouver has so many choices that there is no need to travel to West Van for the food.  If I go back, it will be for a window table to see Vancouver basking in the beauty of night lights.

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