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I was on Urbanspoon checking out some Vancouver blog reviews when I noticed the “Most blogged about restaurants” sidebar.  Of the ten on the list, I’ve been to four restaurants.  I’ve blogged about eating at Phnom Penh and Thierry Chocolaterie Patissiere Cafe.  There’s another place that I went to years ago, but that was before I started taking photos of my food. Looking at the list again, I was recently at Bella Gelateria but have yet to blog about it.

At the end of May, I met up with some friends, C and H, for dinner.  We tossed around some food ideas and decided to try Mediterranean cuisine at Tibisti Foods & Grill.

It was a weekday evening and not too busy.  I arrived first and had my pick of tables.  My friends came in a few minutes after I was seated.  After a bit of chatter, we turned our attention to the menu.  When the server (maybe the owner?) came by to take our order, he patiently answered our many questions.

IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3652 IMG_3653

C ordered a steak meal while H and I each ordered the roast lamb meal.  We also shared an appetizer that the server suggested.  As I was just about to apologize for pulling out my camera, I looked up at H sitting across from me and he was already happily snapping away on his camera.  Perfect!  I didn’t have to feel bad about taking pictures since someone else at the table was doing the same.

When I first looked at my plate, there was so much of the plate showing that I did wonder if I would be full, barely full or not full.  As I started to eat my meal, I realized that the meal was more filling than it looked.  The lamb tasted good.  I tried a bite of the steak and that tasted even better.   Maybe I should have ordered that instead.  Maybe … next time…?

Tibisti Foods & Grill on Urbanspoon

As we finished off our meal, our conversation turned to dessert options.  C really wanted ice cream.  She had heard from her boss that there was a very tasty ice cream place on Fraser Street known to have long line-ups out the door. After making a phone call to her boss, she reported that the ice cream place is called Earnest Ice Cream and is close to Fraser Street and King Edward Avenue.  We hopped into her car and off we went to find this ice cream shop.

As we were driving Fraser Street, we didn’t see any line-ups.  Where is this Earnest Ice Cream?  After parking and walking to the address given, we realized that it was closed!  We were there on a Tuesday night… but according to their sign, they are only open Thursday through to Sunday!  Too bad!

Apparently, C really, really wanted ice cream.  Moments later, we were back in her car and on our way to Bella Gelateria.  C told me that the ice cream won some sort of reward.  Sure, let’s go try it.

We were lucky to find parking only steps away from Bella Gelateria.  There was a line up inside but was not extended to the outside… yet.  I remember looking at price of the two scoops and thinking.. “Wow, that’s an expensive ice cream.”  For the price I paid, I could have bought a tub of ice cream to leave in my freezer.  We were able to sample a couple of ice creams before deciding what flavours to order so that eased my thoughts a bit.  After trying a couple of flavours, I picked the Earl Grey Tea and Salted Caramal gelato.


Earl Grey Tea & Banana Chocolate; Earl Grey Tea & Salted Caramel; Mint Chocolate Chip & Thai Coconut Milk

Earl Grey Tea & Banana Chocolate; Earl Grey Tea & Salted Caramel; Mint Chocolate Chip & Thai Coconut Milk

The gelato was really good.  I really enjoyed the Earl Grey Tea flavour.  As we sat outside enjoying our gelato, we could also see the kitchen area.  It looked like there was a person in the back room trying to make Earl Grey Tea gelato by reading and following the cookbook step-by-step.   We looked over to the other side of the pillar… the line-up had grown and was extended to the exterior.  We definitely beat the crowd for that one.

Bella Gelateria Handcrafted Gelato on Urbanspoon