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Writing yesterday’s post about meeting a colleague for dinner reminded me of another time that I had dinner with colleagues.  Last November, I was at a conference where people from various locations travelled to Vancouver to attend.  On the final day of the conference, most of the people had plans to travel home that afternoon/evening or were meeting up with local family and friends.

After packing up our conference materials and dropping things off at the office, I met up with a couple of colleagues for dinner.  They choose SalaThai and though I have been there often for lunch, it was my first time going for dinner.  The only menu items that I am familiar with are their lunch specials.  Over the years, I have tried most of them.  I used to favour the noodles in soup but over the last few years, my favourite lunch special is the SalaThai Rice Special.

It was a Friday evening and by the time we arrived, it was almost fully seated.  We were guided to a table near the back.  We settled into our seats and started our meal by ordering drinks.  After a long week of preparing and attending the conference, it was definitely time to relax with a drink.


We decided to share the responsibility of ordering food and each picked a main dish.  Here’s what showed up at our table.

IMG_2154 IMG_2155 IMG_2156 IMG_2158 IMG_2159

We started with a shared appetizer.  If I remember correctly, it was the Krathong Tong (Golden Basket).  The name “Golden Basket” and the description of “crispy waffle shells filled with minced chicken, corn & onions” caught our attention.  We also ordered a pineapple fried rice, green curry and vegetables.  The food tasted good and we enjoyed our communal order.  The vegetables were a bit on the oily side (note the reflection in the dark…) but I guess that is what adds to their flavour.

In terms of their speed of service, I’ve often found it to be a bit of a hit and miss at lunch time.  There are days when all the food comes out quickly and we can order, eat, pay and leave with still time to walk back to the office.  And then there are days when the food takes almost 45 minutes to come out and we are either inhaling it while it’s piping hot or packing it to go.  After all, when you have a one hour lunch break, it means you have to be back to the office in an hour.

Because we were enjoying a leisurely dinner after a long week at work, we didn’t pay much attention to the service.  We had much to catch up on and stories to share.  As the food arrived, we ate and chatted until we were too full to eat anymore. 

Oh, but for dessert, there is always a separate stomach.  We ordered two dessert items to share.


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