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Considering what a marathon it was at work this week, I’m surprised at how often I blogged.  Perhaps I had too much to deal with during the regular work day and blogging in the evening was one way for me to give my mind a break from it all.  Usually I am surprised by how quickly time flies by – blink of an eye and it’s already been a month.  This past week…? … Nope, definitely not the case.  This past week feels like a month!

While readjusting my concept of time, I thought back to last weekend and hanging out with my friend/colleague.  We worked together at the downtown office but since I’ve been on various temporary assignments, she and I haven’t had much time to chat.  We decided to pick a date, pick a place and hang out.

After comparing calendars, we were able to pin point an evening to go for dinner.  As for location, my friend asked me to suggest a place.  A few back and forth messages later, we decided on Pho.  I suggested Pho Tan Vietnamese Restaurant, a place on Main Street that another friend had taken me to last year.

We each ordered a Pho and shared an order of the Shrimp Cake.  I choose the Rare Beef Pho Noodle Soup.


IMG_20140808_185118 IMG_20140808_185713

I added lots of bean sprouts, some fresh basil leaves and juice from the wedge of lime.  I thought about adding the chili sauce and the sweet sauce, but the Pho tasted pretty good as it was.  No point in messing with decent flavours.

As my friend pointed out, the Shrimp Cake was a bit on the salty side.  When it was first served to the table, it was piping hot and had a thick smell of shrimp to it.  When eating, it didn’t have as strong of a shrimp flavour to it.

I went back into my photos to look at what I tried last year….

IMG_1750 IMG_1752 IMG_1753 IMG_1754 IMG_1755

Apparently my taste and the food presentation at Pho Tan haven’t changed over the past year.  You might notice we ordered a couple of other items last year.
Pho Tan Vietnamese Restaurant 新記越南餐廳 on Urbanspoon

After Pho, my friend and I wanted to find some dessert.  She suggested Fresh Legend, a dessert place that had opened on Kingsway a few months ago.  She had been there a few times and off we went to satisfy our dessert craving.

IMG_20140808_210326IMG_20140808_211101 IMG_20140808_211021 IMG_20140808_211033

We arrived before 9 pm and there was only a couple of other people at one table.   After seating ourselves at a table, I glanced around and took in the comfortable-looking interior.  Not bad!  We studied the menu for a bit and as I looked at the pictures, it reminded me of the tasty desserts I had in Melbourne.  (Hmm… those were tasty desserts … such good memories!)

After narrowing it down to three items, I finally settled on the Mixed Fruit Sago and my friend ordered an Herbal Jelly dessert.  My Mixed Fruit Sago had a variety of fresh fruit in there but it was a little pricey for the size of the dessert.  That’s okay though.  Fresh Legend might not be a place I will frequent, but I will go back again the next time my friend wants to go for dessert.

My friend told me that the shaved ice with toppings is pretty good.  We saw someone at another table order one… it looked really good!  Perfect for a hot summer day!  Maybe I will order that next time….  🙂

Fresh Legend on Urbanspoon