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I know, I know… my last blog post mentioned a sushi place and now this one too!

Every few months, my high school friends and I like to meet up for a girls’ lunch.  The food part is only an excuse to get together to have a big catch up session.  In April, I took a vacation day from work and met up with my two high school friends for lunch.  We wanted a central location that would be convenient for all three of us.  We also wanted to pick a place where the prices were reasonable, seating was comfortable and we could sit and chat for hours.

Because our key concern was a central and convenient location, I went to Urbanspoon and entered in some search parameters. I found a few places that suited our requirements and emailed my friends with my finds.  After a couple of emails back and forth, we decided to try Sushi MiGa.

We were having lunch on a weekday so that restaurant seemed rather quiet.  I had read on Urbanspoon that it could get quite busy.  One of my friends was already there when I arrived and my other friend arrived shortly after.  Our excited chatter persisted and eventually we were able to turn our attention to the menus and place our orders.


IMG_3475 IMG_3477 IMG_3474

My two friends decided to each order the bento lunch box.  I wanted udon noodles and also a california roll.  I enjoyed the california roll.  The udon was okay but I don’t think I’ll order that again next time.  I didn’t try the bento box but from what my friends tell me, it was reasonably good.

Even though we finished our lunches, the restaurant was not busy so we stayed for a few hours.  From the time that my friend arrived to when we left, we had been there for almost 4 hours.  Most restaurants (except some bubble tea places) tend to get a bit antsy when the guests just hang around long after the bill is settled.  Not only were we left alone to enjoy our catch-up time, but the friendly female server came by every half hour or so to refill our tea. My friends and I had a great time!

A few weeks later, my parents and I wanted to find a place to have a quick bite on our way home from running errands.  I took them to Sushi MiGa for lunch so they could try it out as well.  I didn’t want to order the noodles so I picked some random items.

IMG_3638 IMG_3639 IMG_3636 IMG_3640

My parents ordered the bento lunch box (same as my high school friends did the previous time) and a sushi combo.  I went for the smoked salmon salad.  We also ordered some deep-fried tofu and a big platter of tempura.  We didn’t realize the size of the tempura order… so when it came out, we knew were had ordered too much food.

Overall, service was fabulous and attentive.  The meal was okay but I was a bit disappointed that all their salad and vegetable accompaniments looked like iceberg lettuce from bagged salad. 

Sushi MiGa 味家 on Urbanspoon