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I was searching for food photos of a different restaurant and came across some joyful pictures from last summer when my niece and her family were in town.  The weather, much like how it’s been the last few weeks, was beautiful and hot.  We decided to spend a couple of hours at the beach so my niece could play in the water, dig in the sand and run around outside.

IMG_1287 IMG_1273

After an afternoon of fun in the sun, we dropped by the Icebreaker store on 4th Avenue.  If you’ve read all my posts about Australia, (thank you very much!!) you may recall that I blogged about big sis and the Icebreaker Fitzroy Outlet.  She introduced me to the brand and of course, when she’s in town, she has to check out Icebreaker Touch Lab in Vancouver.

While big sis and jehfu were looking through the clothes racks, my niece had the big responsibility of holding her mom’s neat little change purse.  I wasn’t in need of making any purchases so I spent my time watching my niece carry this little change purse around as if it was the world’s most prized possession. She eventually came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy something.  Our conversation went like this (and yes, I’m intentionally substituting the word “Niece” for my niece’s name):

Niece (holding my sister’s change purse) – YiYi, YiYi, do you need some money?
Me – No thank you, Niece.
Niece (looking around the Icebreaker store) – Do you want to buy something, YiYi?
Me – Not now, Niece. Maybe later…
Niece – Okay YiYi…If you want to buy something, I can give you money… (very serious expression while holding up my sister’s change purse)
Me (big smile) – Thank you, Niece!
Niece (very matter of fact) – OK.. I have money. I can give you money!

I love how generous my niece is.  What amused me the most was her seriousness about paying for all our purchases.  In the end, she did take a few coins out of the little change purse to help her dad make a big purchase.  She asked, “Is that enough?” which her dad then told her yes (and paid the rest himself). Very cute to watch.

By the time shopping was over, our stomachs were growling and it was time to find something to eat.  We wandered down the block and decided to try out the Sushi Bella.


Perhaps it was the dinner dining mood but we walked in and the place was pretty dark.  All lights were dimmed and not much lighting.  We were greeted and promptly seated towards the back of the restaurant.

IMG_1294IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1300 IMG_1298

We ordered some big plates to share and some individual orders.  Presentation of the food was quite nice.  I don’t eat sashimi so I can’t tell you if the fish was good or not.  The food that I tried was okay.  I was craving noodles, hence a ramen.  I think service could have been a little more attentive, but perhaps it was because we were seated at the back.  The servers didn’t spend much time checking up on us so when we needed refill for our tea, it took a bit of waiting to get someone’s attention.

As you can see from this photo here, my niece (always the first to stop eating) started to get a bit restless.


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