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May and I have been friends since early elementary school days.   Growing up, we used to attend each other’s birthday parties and gatherings.  As life started to get busy, we would try to get together at least once or twice a year.  Usually we would aim to meet up around Christmas or around birthdays.  This past year, we met up for both Christmas and May’s birthday.

Last December, we met up for brunch at Brentwood Town Centre‘s IHOP.  It’s been years since visiting an IHOP but that was my second visit to the same IHOP in 3 months.  I was there earlier in the fall when I had some errands to run at Brentwood.  Usually I spend most of my time studying the omelette menu and depending on whether I’m craving more meat or more vegetables, that helps me to decide what to order.

Big Steak Omelette

Big Steak Omelette (October 2013)

For our Christmas get-together, I arrived earlier than my friend and was seated at the back of the restaurant.  May was running late which gave me ample time to study the menu.  Not sure if it was only a Christmas special, but I wanted to try their signature dessert…


May arrived while I was still trying to determine if I wanted an omelette (my usual IHOP choice) or something different.  I narrowed it down to the omelette or a lunch item.  As she settled in and studied the menu, I decided to order something other than my usual.


My choice

My choice

May's choice

May’s choice

Even though my order of quesadilla looked less happy than the one in the menu, it actually tasted pretty good.  Perhaps I’ve never had high expectations for IHOP but I enjoyed my meal.  Of course, eating with an old friend helps.  We were so busy catching up that we weren’t paying too much attention to the servers and the other people around us.  The food is just secondary to our experience.  However, that did not stop us from ordering the crepe cake dessert.  🙂

Signature Dessert

Signature Dessert

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A few weeks ago was May’s birthday.  She tried to get a group of friends to go for tea at Oui Paris Cafe Couture  but unfortunately many of them were unable to attend.  Not to worry though… as I was able to make it.

By the time I arrived, May and her daughter were already there.  The cafe is set up so that you pick your own table (first come, first serve), order from the counter and they bring the food and/or drinks  to you.  We had to do a bit of table-hopping as May and her daughter were only able to get a table for two.  After I arrived we moved to a more spacious table for two and borrowed a chair from another table.  When May’s other friend arrived, we pulled up another chair until one of the bigger tables was available.


As the plan was to get together for tea / coffee, we each ordered a drink and I ordered desserts.

May's coffee...?  chocolate mocha of sorts..?

May’s coffee…? chocolate mocha of sorts..?

Summer Peach Smoothie

Summer Peach Smoothie

lemon white chocolate cake

lemon white chocolate cake

my Vanilla London Fog

my Vanilla London Fog

May’s daughter told me that the Summer Peach Smoothie is really good (and it’s one of her favourites!).   It was really hot out and I was tempted to order a smoothie as well. However, I wanted to try the London Fog so I ordered that instead.  Unfortunately, the Vanilla London Fog tasted quite ordinary to me so now I wish I had ordered the Summer Peach Smoothie….

Aside from having to table-hop and the thought that I should have ordered a smoothie, the rest of the experience was okay.  My London Fog took forever to come out.  May’s daughter (who was the first to get her drink) was almost finished her smoothie by the time I got my London Fog.  I asked one of the ladies as she brought out some tasty-looking lunch orders and she was quick to check on my tea.  They were pretty busy during that time so likely it fell behind someone else’s coffee order.   Minutes later, I had my drink as well.

The dessert tasted good although it was a little too sweet for me.  Good thing I was sharing my dessert with May because I stopped eating before reaching my half portion of the cake!  It would have been a waste if I was only able to eat half of it.

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