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Reminded by yesterday’s post, I realized there are many places downtown that I’ve lunched at but have yet to blog about.

Late last year, I was at a birthday party.  There were people who I knew or had met before and some that I was meeting for the first time.  A few days later, one of the friends at the birthday party sent me a link to the Donair Dude page.  A new location was opening up on the 1100 block of Granville Street in Vancouver.

Not too long after, I decided to drop by with one of my weekly lunch buddies.  I suggested trying a new place and she agreed.  We left for a late lunch and arrived at Donair Dude just before 1 pm.  As we were entering the shop, a few people were leaving with take-out.  There was lots of seating and we decided to stay.


I was pleasantly surprised to recognize someone behind the counter.  I met him at the birthday party from a few weeks before.   Although he probably didn’t remember my name, he did recognize me.  With so many options on the board, I asked him what the more popular items were.  He mentioned the grilled pita donairs were quite popular.

I ordered a chicken grilled pita donair which was then made to order. He asked a series of questions as he built the pita donair.  I watched has he filled the pita bread with fresh vegetable filling, meat and sauce.  Yes, made to order!  When he was putting the finishing touches on the wrap, my friend and I realized that the donair was a very big portion for one person to finish.  In fact, while the donair was grilling, we asked to split it in half which ended up being the perfect portions for us.

half a donair... with fresh veggies

half a donair… with fresh veggies

The donair was tasty and filled with fresh and thinly cut vegetables.  The chicken was flavourful and moist.  The sauces and seasoning completed the delicious flavour.  We were even presented with bonus falafels.  Yummy…


A few months later, I remembered the tasty pita donair.  At that time, I was still working on the project team and there were only a few of us in the downtown project office that day.  We were under tight deadlines and wanted to find something to take-out and eat at the office.  I suddenly thought of Donair Dude.  My colleague and I walked out to order donairs while our other team member kept working.  The take-out donairs were massive and very filling.  Although the donairs became a little messy to eat, they were perfect for busy but starving workers.  😉



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