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Since I’m on a blogging roll this (long) weekend, I shall try to write-up a quick post today.

Last year, I heard about a new addition to The Glowbal Collection called “The Fish Shack” on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver.  The website looked interesting as did the menu sheet.  Marketing-wise, it had definitely caught my attention.  I also happened to have a gift card which could be used at any one of The Glowbal Collection group restaurants.  I’ve been to a few in the past: Italian Kitchen, Coast, and Trattoria.  There was another restaurant too (which the name escapes me) but that one has since closed down.

One evening after work, B and I decided to meet up for dinner and try out The Fish Shack.  At that time, my office was only a few blocks away.  It was a beautiful fall evening and when I arrived, the patio (street) area was full of people.  Walking into the restaurant was thankfully quieter and not too busy.  Perhaps it is their signature seating but like the few other Glowbal restaurants that I have been to, the tables were too close together.  Luckily it was still early and fairly quiet in the restaurant so I was able to squeeze between the tables to get into my seat.

menu sheet... a little weathered

menu sheet… a little weathered


B's order of fish and chips

B’s order of fish and chips

my order of fish and chips (filet, not deep fried)

my order of fish and chips (filet, not deep-fried)

The food itself was.. OK. The portion probably could have been a bit bigger and maybe if the fries didn’t seem like the last bits left in the bag, our experience would have been better. Sadly.. Maybe the website and the online menu set my expectations to be much higher.  So yes… For the price paid, I felt that the meal could have been better. The Fish Shack on Urbanspoon

To even out our evening, B and I decided to forgo the dessert menu at The Fish Shack and walk down the block to the Cold Stone Creamery on Granville and Nelson for some ice cream (dessert).