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Another hot day in Vancouver.  Did I mention I don’t do very well in the heat and sunshine?  It’s times like these that being at the office with air-conditioning is actually quite appealing.  Too bad the commute to and from work means dealing with hot-headed drivers during rush hour.  But… it’s the BC Day long weekend so no air-conditioned office to go to and hiding at home away from the heat seems to be my best solution for now.

I could be cleaning my room now but the heat makes me feel lethargic.  So here I am, plopped in front of my computer again and writing another blog post.  Just when I thought I was catching up with my blogging, disappearing for three months made me fall behind again.  I’m not going to pretend that I’ll be able to catch up by blogging more than once a week but every effort counts.  In fact, I’m still blogging about places that I went to last year!

A few weeks ago, I was reminded again how quickly a year flies by.  I was running errands at lunch with a colleague when the topic of his birthday came up.  (It was his birthday that day!!)  Was it not only a few months ago that another colleague and myself bought him a surprise birthday treat from L’Opera Patisserie?  We had been excited by the treats in the display fridge and could not resist all the pretty pastries.  Has it been a year since then!?

so many treats to choose from...

so many treats to choose from…!

While waiting for the surprise treat to be nicely wrapped up, I remember seeing a “high tea menu” on their counter.  I made a mental note of it.  A few weeks later, I met up with Barb and Winston to try L’Opera’s high tea.

IMG_1786 IMG_1781

IMG_1779IMG_1784 IMG_1788 IMG_1783 IMG_1785

It was a very simple high tea menu.  The guest could choose the tea and the macaron and the rest of the items were part of a set menu.  I have to admit though, people like me with decision-making difficulty… even two choices can be a challenge!  Overall service was fantastic and the treats were good.  My two favourites were the macaron (but I can’t remember what flavour I ended up selecting) and the mille feuille.  I enjoy puff pastry layered with custard and/or whipped cream.  Fresh fruit as part of the filling is a bonus.

The one thing that stood out which could have made the high tea experience better were the seats.  They looked comfy but sadly, were not very comfortable.  😦  Maybe they’ve changed them since…?
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