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It’s good to know that I don’t melt in the rain while running. Yep, I survived running in the drizzle yesterday.

It was pouring rain when I left the house yesterday morning. It was one of those mornings that no matter what you do, the rain will still get you while you’re at the bus stop or crossing the street.  However, by mid-morning, I think the skies felt some pity for me and wanted to give me a nicer first run-in-the-rain experience. When I looked out the window, the rain had stopped and the ground was starting to show signs of drying up (a bit).  Of course, with Vancouver weather, anything is possible and just because there are patches of blue skies doesn’t mean that it won’t be raining at the same time (like today).

By the time lunch time rolled around, it was starting to drizzle again.  I met up with N and set out to run.  As I was trying to run at a more comfortable pace, it didn’t take long for me to lag behind N again.  Within a few blocks of our starting point, I was already a full block behind.  I was also trying to be careful about not slipping on wet pavement.  If anyone is going to slip, that will most likely be me.

I ran the same route as last Tuesday (our first lunch hour run) which was just over 3 km.  A modest start for my first run in the rain.  Talk about an uphill battle… I noticed a bit of a mental struggle developing as I was sluggishly trying to run uphill.  It took at least a block, but I did manage to quash the thoughts of stopping to walk or simply turning back to the office — I chose to run and I will complete the run.

Running in the rain was actually easier than I thought.  It was only a light rain compared to what the forecast suggested but it seemed easier than when I have to walk around downtown to run my errands at lunch.  I know it likely has something to do with the “travelling light” concept of running the rain.  I didn’t have a purse to lug around or an umbrella to worry about accidentally poking someone else.. I didn’t even bring my cell phone.  What I had was my light (but bright) water repellant running jacket and my Sun Run hat.   Difficult as it was for me to even think about being in the rain, never mind running in it… I felt wonderful after my run!  Well worth it!  (OK, more like I felt wonderful after my run and after washing up before getting back to my computer.)

While struggling to get up the hill on the return route.. I used thinking to distract my mind from counting the blocks left.  What else could I think about but what blog post should I write next?  The rain in the downtown area reminded me of taking a friend out for birthday dinner last October.  We went to Show Case Restaurant & Bar on West Hastings Street.

As the restaurant is located downtown, we had booked an early after-work dinner. It was pouring rain out and by the time I walked from the office to the restaurant, I was practically drenched.  Yes, it was one of those types of rainfalls.

One of my many reasons for preferring early dinner reservations is that we can arrive before the crowds (I don’t like crowds) and usually get to make requests for a better seat.  There would be certain reasons that the request may be denied but it never hurts to try… We got a great window seat with hardly anyone around us.

window seat

window seat




With the rainy (and windy) weather outside, it took zero time for me to decide that I wanted a soup and West Coast Chowder sounded perfect for my needs.  I enjoyed the chowder and savoured the warmth and flavour of my soup.

West Coast Chowder seafood, leeks, potatoes

West Coast Chowder
seafood, leeks, potatoes

For our mains, my friend ordered the Steelhead (with gnocchi) and I ordered the Shrimp and Scallop Garganelli.

Steelhead  potato gnocchi, olives, tomatoes

potato gnocchi, olives, tomatoes

Shrimp & Scallop Garganelli crisp pancetta, arugula, parmesean

Shrimp & Scallop Garganelli
crisp pancetta, arugula, parmesean

I only tried a bite each of the gnocchi and steelhead.  The entrée my friend ordered was good but I think the garganelli was a more suitable choice for me.   I remember the garganelli was a bit on the salty side for me although it could be because I was getting used to food with less salt (less salt used in our cooking at home).   Overall the meal was good.  We didn’t order dessert because the somewhere between the chowder and the entrée, I suddenly felt stuffed.

Would I come back again.. ?  Probably.  It’s just a bit of a walk from my office so it wouldn’t be one of the first places I think of going for dinner after work.

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