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It rained most of the weekend.  What a contrast from Friday and Monday’s beautiful weather!  Today was back to our regular Vancouver weather, cloudy and grey with the threat of showers.  Although it was chilly, I was thankful that it wasn’t raining at lunch time.  Why?  Because today, I joined N for her lunch hour run.

I’m not an avid runner like my big sis or like N.  I started (casual) running in 2012 when my big sis was visiting.  I know she loves to run and wanted to spend some time with her doing something she enjoys doing.  Since then, on and off, I’ve continued to be a casual runner (only on non-rainy, weekend mornings when I have no lunch plans).  While N and I were catching up over burgers, she asked me about my running.  By the end of the meal, she encouraged me to do the Vancouver Sun Run.  Actually she told me to train for a marathon or a half marathon but I said the most I’d do would be a 10K.

Big sis was so thrilled that I was going to run more than a few laps at a track that she flew out last April just to participate in the Sun Run with me.  Despite my inconsistent and inadequate training, I completed my first “race” (10K) just under 1 hour and 20 minutes.  It was a leisurely pace for my big sis while I could feel myself continually pushing my mind and will to keep running… for over 8 km of the race.  There were a few times that I thought I was dying on the road.. especially when we were runnng uphill to the bridges.  Somewhere in the last kilometre, I noticed some extreme pain in my foot, yet somehow, i managed to make it (run-limp?) to the finish line.  I went to the walk-in clinic later that week and was assured by the friendly doctor that it was not gout or tendonitis.  Mostly just a case of over-use.  sigh…

Back to my first “race” experience… To thank big sis for flying out just to run my first race with me, I booked pedicures for us at Absolute Spa.  At the end of the pedicure and while we waited for our pretty nails to dry, we enjoyed a refreshing treat in the spa cafe.

A great way to end a spa day....

A great way to end a spa day….

Post-spa salad at Absolute Spa (Century Hotel)

Post-spa salad at Absolute Spa (Century Hotel)

And in case you are wondering, today was only a quick half hour run to kick-start some training.  No spa day and no pedicure to follow — only a quick shower and then back to the office to work.