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Although I don’t think jet lag is the issue, I have been wide awake at 5 am every morning since returning from Luxembourg.  My return-to-work date was supposed to be next Monday but since I’ve been up early every morning (earlier than my usual morning alarm) and checking work email from home, it was better for me to go to the office and conserve some of my vacation time for future use.  Might as well get paid for working in the office than working from home for free.

The last couple of months have just whizzed by and suddenly we’re already into early (mid?) March!  Work has kept me really busy as my calendar was filled with more deadlines (than people/friends) to meet.  In fact, I looked at my “social” calendar a couple of days ago and there were only three things noted for March… two dinners and a dentist appointment.  Exciting…. thankfully most of my major deadlines were met before vacation and now I have a little space to breathe and ease back into a post-vacation routine.

As I draft this blog post, I realize that it’s been many, many months since Vikki and I have met up for some delicious meals.  We were supposed to get together in January but unfortunately something came up and I wasn’t available.  Looking back, the last couple of times we met up to grab a bite after work was during the 2013 Tourism Challenge.

When we were picking out a place for munchies, Vikki sent me a list of locations to choose from.  Each location was offering some sort of discount or signature item.  After reading through the options, I picked YEW seafood + bar at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver.  Although I work within walking distance to YEW, I had not been to the restaurant before. This would be a perfect opportunity… and they were advertising two for one lobster tacos.  Although I prefer crab over lobster, I was keen on trying something different.

We arrived with the intention of having an early after work snack.  The dining area was fairly quiet and the oodles of natural light was perfect for taking photos.  Our friendly server dropped by to take our drinks order before leaving us to study the menu.  I was already enjoying my experience and I hadn’t even looked at the menu yet.




IMG_0962 IMG_0963

my drink ... Benji - a blend of coconut, ginger, pineapple and lime

my drink … Benji – a blend of coconut, ginger, pineapple and lime

Vikki's drink ... some cocktail...

Vikki’s drink … some cocktail…

fresh, warm scones...yummy!

fresh, warm scones…yummy!

We knew off the bat that lobster tacos was a must (two for one deal).  After studying all the descriptions on the menu and assessing our appetites for an after work “snack,”  we ordered a few items to share.

Lobster tacos

Lobster tacos

Lobster tacos

Lobster tacos

our spread

our spread

Shrimp & Duck (with gnocchi...yes, we really like gnocchi...)

Shrimp & Duck (with gnocchi…yes, we really like gnocchi…)

Truffle Gnocchi

Truffle Gnocchi

Pork & Prawns - pork belly with spot prawns

Pork & Prawns – pork belly with spot prawns

I guess we really like gnocchi… since two orders of gnocchi (one truffle and one with shrimp & duck) showed up at our table.   The warm scones were soft and tasty, the lobster tacos flavourful, pork belly crispy and the truffle gnocchi was particularly delicious.   Overall, I think my favourites were the pork & prawns … and the scones.  I could have eaten several refills of warm and soft scones.   😉

By the time we finished tasting our various choices, our after work “snack” was no longer a snack but dinner.  We didn’t have room for dessert but they did send us off with some goodies…

cookies and dark chocolate

cookies and dark chocolate

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