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It’s a beautiful day in Vancouver!!! I caught the last two minutes of the Canada vs US men’s hockey game and joined the airport crowd cheer when we won.  What a fantastic way to start my travels!

Yes, you read that correctly!! I’m traveling again!!  This time I’m going to visit friends who live in a little country with a big, big name – Luxembourg. I’m excited as I’d never thought of travelling there before. I know very little about Luxembourg but was fascinated by the name. I remember having to memorize the world map in history class. The tiny, little land area but with a name that doesn’t fit within the border line drawn on the map.  And here I am, years later, at the airport waiting for a flight to Luxembourg to visit my friend and her family.

Interestingly enough, this post is about a restaurant that I went to with this friend’s parents last spring. I was meeting my friend’s parents for lunch that day.  A couple of restaurant choices were suggested and I picked Tableau Bar Bistro, the one that I had not been to.


I had a bit of difficulty deciding what to eat. Everything on the menu looked good.  Here’s what landed on our table:




My friend’s dad and I each ordered the sandwich and frites.  I can’t remember what type of cheese was used but it was tasty. Probably Gruyère cheese.  I was thinking of ordering a salad (maybe) but was easily persuaded to order the frites when they told me the fries are really good. And yes, they are really, really yummy. 🙂

I heard it’s really busy for their dinner sittings… But one day, I will go and try their dinner menu.

Oh, almost time to board my flight!! Blogging on a tablet with the WordPress app, hope everything posts properly!!

Tableau tiny take-out menu... cute!

Tableau tiny take-out menu… cute!

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