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It’s weather like this (see my screen print of The Weather Network’s forecast for tonight and tomorrow…) ……

screenprint of The Weather Network - Vancouver forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

screen print of The Weather Network – Vancouver forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

…. that makes me crave a big pot of steamy soup.

Around this time of the year last year, I remember there were some cold stretches.  (Yes, I know it’s *much* worse on the east coast.  But this is “cold” enough for a Vancouverite like me…)  I remember staying late at the office one evening to finish up some rush paperwork.  As I was preparing to leave, a really good friend messaged me to see if I would be interested in meeting up for dinner.  I had not seen my friend in months and was eager to do some catching up.

As I was still at the office, my friend decided to meet me downtown.  He also mentioned that he was buying dinner… and before I could ask him why, he indicated it was for my birthday.  Uhh… last time I checked my birthday is in the spring and months away from February.  I should also mention that although I usually celebrate my birthday for a month — starting a week or two before the actual day and ending a couple of weeks after — starting in February was really stretching that limit.  But hey, if my good friend tells me we’re celebrating my birthday early, I’m cool with that.  🙂

We decided to go for Korean food.  My friend mentioned that most of the authentic Korean restaurants in downtown were in the Robson and Denman Street area and would be a bit of a walk.  Since it was a clear and dry evening, I didn’t mind going for a walk, especially after spending most of my day cooped up in the office.

After practically walking from one end of Robson to the other (ok, I admit, I exaggerated a little..), we finally arrived at a Korean restaurant called Ma Dang Goul.  I didn’t see the entire restaurant as we were seated at a small table only steps from the front door.  We flipped through the menu and I quickly decided on the Pork Bone Soup.  Warm and spicy soup for a cold winter evening.. a perfect combo!

Pork Bone Soup is exactly as the name suggests, it’s a soup with pork bone.  The pork bone is served boiling in a spicy soup broth with vegetables, green onions, potatoes and peppers.  The broth is a red colour (probably from the peppers) and provides a visual hint that the soup is spicy.  Very tasty.  The pork bone soup, along with the kim chi, bean sprouts, glazed potatoes and a few other side dishes, was an ideal portion of food for the two of us.  I really like the side dishes that are served with the meal and love the fact that we can request refills.

Pork Bone Soup

Pork Bone Soup

side dishes

side dishes

It was busy in the restaurant  but the food came our relatively quickly.  It did take a bit of effort to get their attention when we wanted more refills, but all in all it was a great meal.  And of course, hanging out and catching up with my great friend makes the meal even better!

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