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Last year, for the long weekend, I was at Whistler.  This year, I’m at home hanging out with my niece who is currently having a meltdown because she won’t pick up the clothes she’s strewn all over the floor.  YiYi is not budging on this one… even if it means she’s “never going to be my friend again”  (my niece’s words).  So while my niece is having her meltdown, I finally have a minute to blog the last bit of last year’s Whistler trip.

For the last morning of our trip, we didn’t have any plans.  B and I wandered outside in search of a quick and simple bite for breakfast.  Although it stopped snowing, the temperature was still quite chilly out.  We decided to stop at Zog’s Dogs which is at the foot of the ski lifts and only a hop-skip-jump away from our hotel.  As we didn’t feel like sitting around the area, I picked out something that would be filling but easy to carry around.


at the foot of the ski lift

at the foot of the ski lift




breakfast wrap


I was tempted to order a poutine but I ordered a breakfast wrap of sorts instead.  Having poutine for breakfast did seem a little heavy and the thought of carrying around an order of poutine in the cold didn’t seem like a good idea.  The wrap I ordered was served toasty warm and perfect for carrying around and eating in the freezing cold.  It was a bigger portion than what I had expected (I admit, I figured prices at Whistler would probably be hiked up because you’re up on the mountain).  The wrap was pretty good —  warm and filling.  I finished most of it before realizing that forcing myself to finish the last few bites would just be hazardous for the car ride back to Vancouver.

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It’s not often that I get to experience all 4 seasons in 3 weeks — from the rainy, autumn Vancouver weather that saw me off at the airport. to the spring and summer conditions in Australia and returning to the chilly and snowy winter wonderland of Whistler.

Sigh … last year seems like a long time ago…