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A few weeks before my Australia trip, B asked me if I would be interested in attending the annual Cornucopia event at Whistler.  The timing was quite tight.. but sure, why not?  Although Whistler is only a couple of hours away from Vancouver, this was only my second trip to the area.   I jumped at the opportunity to go even if that meant returning from Australia on Sunday, in Victoria mid-week, working a couple of days in between  before taking off to Whistler on Saturday.

I got up bright and early that Saturday and made my way to the Greyhound bus.  Advance purchase and web-only fares would have saved me some money but since I wasn’t sure how I’d be doing with my jet-lag, it seemed safer to just buy the regular priced ticket at the depot.  I wasn’t sure I even knew where to get off but I did let B know which bus I was on so she could meet me at the depot.  Eventually the bus would stop at a destination and I sure hoped that it would be the right one…

After a 2 hour bus ride, I arrived in the Village around lunch time.  It was a good thing B was there to meet me as I didn’t know where I was going.  Having just woken up from a nap didn’t help either.  We dropped off my “luggage” at the hotel and went out in search of lunch.  Actually, it wasn’t much of a search since B is familiar with the area.

It was quite chilly even while walking in the sun and I was craving a warm bowl of soup.  I was quite delighted when we stepped into a place called Ingrid’s Village Cafe.  The first things my eyes saw on the menu board were the words “soup” and “hot.”

menu on the board

menu on the board

soup and hot reuben sandwich

soup and hot reuben sandwich


It felt quite crowded in the cafe so B and I opted to sit outside.  There was a brisk breeze moving through the area but the hot soup and warm sandwich helped with the chill.  I haven’t had to slurp down hot soup so quickly in a long time. The reuben sandwich was packed with freshness as can be seen from the photo above.  Unfortunately, my appetite was a bit off and by the time I finished two-thirds of my sandwich I was full.

Ingrid's Village Café on Urbanspoon

Full from lunch, B and I spent the afternoon walking around the Village.  It was a beautiful day — the sun was shining, the wind was blowing and not a cloud in the sky.  I took a few photos while we walked and of course, posed for a photo with the Olympic rings.


Olympic rings - from Winter Olympics 2010

Olympic rings – from Winter Olympics 2010

Paralympics 2010

Paralympics 2010

IMG_0375 IMG_0376

Soon enough, dinnertime rolled around.  We decided to dine at the BrewHouse in the village.  While waiting for our table, my attention was captured by the little train that travelled along the ledge.  It looped on the tracks (travelling through the restaurant and back) a few times while we waited.  Waiting for a few extra minutes doesn’t bother me too much if it means a nicer table in the end.  I was quite pleased that we got seated by the window.

IMG_0389 IMG_0385

mini train travelling in the background...

mini train travelling in the background…

view from our table

view from our table

I may have been craving a hot meal earlier in the day but having satisfied that need, I found myself wanting vegetables.  I remember looking at all the yummy options on the menu but through the process of elimination, it didn’t take long for me to decide what to order – no pasta (no “bowl” section), no bread (no “bun” or “pizza” section), minimal potatoes (no “poutine” section), smaller portion of meat (no “plate” section).  The only sections left were soup, salad and share plates.  To satisfy my vegetables craving, I opted for a salad.  B ordered one of their wood oven pizzas.

B's choice from their many wood oven pizza options

B’s choice from their many wood oven pizza options

my Thai chicken salad

my salad



my chocolate mousse dessert

my chocolate mousse dessert

The salad tasted pretty good but overall, I enjoyed the dessert more – chocolate mousse.  Mmmm… yummy…

Brew House on Urbanspoon

If I thought it was chilly in the daytime sun, I definitely found it much, much colder in the evening. It was freezing cold!  However, the sub-zero temperatures did not stop me from taking photos on our way back to the hotel…

IMG_0401 IMG_0402