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After a satisfying day trip to Sydney, we spent the next day hanging out in Wollongong again.  Yes, another day of playing the roles of Housewife (my friend) and Houseguest (me).

It was another beautiful day in Wollongong with the sun shining and a slight breeze sweeping through the streets.  V had mentioned that there was a quaint, little cafe that she wanted to take me to.  From the red brick exterior and the clothing displays in the window, I thought she might be taking me shopping before lunch.

IMG_9660 IMG_9661

We entered a place called Lee and Me.  When I stepped inside, the interior looked like a cafe.  Ah… so we weren’t going clothing shopping.  V asked me where I wanted to sit.  She mentioned that there was also an upstairs terrace so we headed up the stairs to sit on the terrace.  Our seat overlooked the street – perfect for the pleasant weather.

I remember service could have been a little faster by actually checking up on us in a reasonable amount of time, but overall the experience was good.  While waiting for someone to take our order, I used this time to take pictures.

IMG_9648a IMG_9653a

After we ordered our food, took a few more pictures and chatted for a bit, our drinks arrived.  Our table was a bit short on surface area so the photo was taken while the drinks were still compact.  More specifically, my cup and saucer was still sitting on top of the pot.


One of the difficulties of not keeping up with my blogging is that I cannot remember (6 months later) the names of what food was ordered.  The menu has likely undergone some modifications as well since October 2012. At the time, I even tried to be smart (and lazy) by taking a photo of the menu.  Unfortunately the quality of the photo is not that great AND it probably would have helped if I had indicated what we were ordering.  Maybe next time….


IMG_9655 IMG_9656

If I had to venture a guess, I’d say we ordered the short rib panini and the burger.  Maybe V remembers…?  I only remember that the bun on my burger was a bit too dry.  The chips were great though.

Overall the lunch was enjoyable.  V and I continued to have quality time to just sit around, chat and eat.  The added bonus was we were on the terrace (in the shade) looking out to the sunny streets of Wollongong, sipping our drinks and munching on burgers and chips. Another perfect start to our day!

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