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Wow.  It’s been over a month since I last posted here.  Just when I thought I could catch up on blogging (six posts over a two-week period in February), I have fallen behind by much more.  Sometimes, that is just the way things work out.  If it isn’t writer’s block, then it’s readjusting to daylight savings.  If it’s not the heaps of work in the office then it’s the unexpected in everyday life.  And sometimes, it is just an overwhelming combination of everything.  So before I fall behind even more, here’s the next installment of my Australia trip.


After relaxing and hanging around Wollongong for a day, I was ready to be out and about again.  K had the day off work so after another healthy, hearty and homemade breakfast, we hopped into the car and were on our way to Sydney.

A healthy breakfast in Wollongong

A healthy breakfast in Wollongong

We had been to Sculpture by the Sea on the weekend but found it too crowded for our liking.  Expecting to find fewer people milling around the sculptures on a weekday, we were surprised by the sea of school uniforms all over the place.  Oh right… school field trips on weekdays.  Oops.


Rather than try to swim our way through the sea of children, we decided to spend the afternoon enjoying the view and the food at Bondi Icebergs Bistro.  While walking to the Bistro, we came across a few neat displays.

IMG_9454    IMG_9458     IMG_9459   IMG_9463     IMG_9468


view from inside  Bondi Icebergs Bistro

view from inside Bondi Icebergs Bistro

Actually, I’ve been to the Bistro before.  A few years ago, on my first trip to Australia, V took me on a walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach.  We stopped at the Bondi Icebergs Club and enjoyed my first meal in Australia.  I remember sitting on the deck and ordering the Grilled Barramundi.  In fact, my very first blog post and my blog header sport the photo of that delicious grilled barramundi.

K's order of Pot of Mussels

K’s order of Pot of Mussels

V's order of Grilled Atlantic Salmon

V’s order of Grilled Atlantic Salmon

tartar sauce (in a shell)

tartar sauce (in a shell)

my order of Grilled Barramundi

my order of Grilled Barramundi … 2012 version…

coffee... of course I had another latte

coffee… of course I had another latte

I have to admit that I am not a mussels person, but K’s order of mussels looked very appetizing….. looks yummy!   I ordered the grilled barramundi and followed that up with a latte.  Like before, the grilled barramundi was served with a fresh greens salad and chips (fries).  The salad was refreshing and the fish was tasty.  In my recollection, the barramundi from a few years ago was grilled to a light brown appearance while this order barely showed signs of browning.  It still tasted good to me!

Icebergs Bistro on Urbanspoon

After eating seafood lunches and lounging with our lattes, we decided that it was time to venture back into the world of sculptures.  It looks like we picked the ideal time to step out of Icebergs and revisit the sculptures as the school groups had just left for the day yet it was still too early for the average working person to be done with their day’s work.  We took the opportunity to take many photos of our favourite exhibits.

Here are some other sculptures that we checked out:

IMG_9507      IMG_9511      IMG_9513              IMG_9519      IMG_9523      IMG_9527 IMG_9605     IMG_9567

IMG_9583       IMG_9595

As can be seen from this selection of photos, it was another beautiful and deep blue day in Sydney. A few of the sculptures were photographed again (many times … but I am not posting the other 10 pictures of the same sculpture) and there were a few other exhibits that we had missed on the previous visit.

My original intention was to write about this particular Sydney day trip in one big blog post.  But keeping with the goal to post something tonight, I will take a pause here and save the rest of the day trip for my next post.  🙂