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Before continuing on with my Australia trip, allow me to insert a quick post about today.

Some days, I just want to spend time with myself and ignore all the external (marketing?) hype.  Or maybe it’s not just the marketing hype but any and every type of hype.  Today just happened to be one of those days.

Normally I like to participate in work luncheons to support our fabulous and hard-working social committee, celebrate an occasion and have lunch at the office without having to set foot out the door.  But not today (sorry guys…I’m sure it was another successful event).  Even though I didn’t have lunch plans, I still had errands to run (do those ever end?) and wanted some time for myself … “me” time.

After running my errands, I stepped into Waves Coffee for soup and panini.  I usually prefer to order take out rather than sit awkwardly on my own.  However, because I was craving “me” time and I also wanted to use their free Wi-Fi, eating in seemed to be the best option.  I ordered their soup and panini lunch special.  After carefully studying the various items in the display case, I selected the Turkey Cranberry Panini and the Rustic Tomato Basil Soup.

As I was paying for my food, I noticed that Waves now has a loyalty / rewards program (trust me, I think my eyes zero in on specific words…).  I asked the friendly person at the counter about the program and he told me about the current promotion (free drink with a minimum amount loaded to the card).  Although it means carrying around yet another card, at least I don’t have to fumble for cash the next time I step in for coffee or lunch.

Turkey Cranberry Panini, Rustic Tomato Basil Soup and Vanilla Latte

Turkey Cranberry Panini, Rustic Tomato Basil Soup and Vanilla Latte

How was the meal?  It was actually pretty good.  The turkey, cranberry and melted cheese blended together quite nicely in the panini.  I didn’t have any particular expectations for the soup and was pleasantly surprised by the spicier zing to it. Speaking of soup, I like how Waves uses their disposable coffee cups as their take out soup containers.  I think it’s a great idea and it makes sense to not stock so many different shapes and sizes of take out containers.  Of course, I hope they will give me a drink tray to carry my lunch back to the office if I decide to order take out drink, soup and other edible items.

For my free drink, I ordered a vanilla latte.  I’m glad the friendly guy behind the counter asked if I wanted the latte in a “to go” cup as I wasn’t able to drink any of it while at Waves.  Instead, I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing my drink.  The vanilla latte was good but I will probably have difficulty falling asleep tonight.  I don’t usually have caffeine so late in the day.

And now, before I continue sharing great eats from my Australia trip, I am going to register my rewards card so I can start collecting points …  🙂

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