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It is interesting how my recent mishap and “restricted” diet affected my ability to think about food and, in turn, my desire to blog.  Surviving on soup, congee and mashed potatoes for a couple of weeks definitely dampened the appetite.  Thankfully, time does help with the healing process.

Now that I am eating (somewhat normal) again, thinking of food and blogging have slowly made a comeback.  Of course, at my slow speed of blogging, it’s already been 3.5 months since my Australia trip.  Timeliness of the post…?  At the rate that I am writing, I might still be blogging about all the neat Australian food places six months from now.  But really… who’s counting?

Continuing our adventure from my last post about brunch at Toast Cafe in Sydney,  V, K and I headed over to Bondi Beach to check out the Sculpture by the Sea exhibits.

I am not the type to make the effort to attend art events or exhibitions in Vancouver.  The event might be too crowded or I am too lazy to get out of the house are common excuses that come to mind.  However, while on vacation, it is much easier when I just have to follow wherever the hosts want to take me.  As mentioned in one of my previous posts, my appreciation of art is usually limited to walk, walk, walk, look, look, I like, I don’t like, walk, walk, walk.  It makes a difference when admiring works of art with those who know how to examine and interpret what is presented (or not presented).

IMG_9301 IMG_9340 IMG_9343 IMG_9358 IMG_9366 IMG_9369 IMG_9370 IMG_9372 IMG_9373

The sculptures at Bondi were spread out from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach.  We walked with the throngs of people from Marks Park near Bondi to Tamarama Beach.  Of course, there are definitely some sculptures that I really liked and couldn’t seem to get enough pictures of…

IMG_9309 IMG_9310

IMG_9313 IMG_9314 IMG_9316 IMG_9323 IMG_9317


I am not very fond of crowds but luckily we were by the water and my discomfort of crowdedness was eased by the vastness of the ocean and the sky.  By the time we reached Tamarama Beach, we were ready for a break and a snack.  We stopped by a barbecue stand and ordered a bite to eat.  I tried the Kransky sausage … something different from the usual beef or chicken dog.

IMG_9376 IMG_9377

IMG_9378 IMG_9380

After resting up for a bit, we turned back and trekked back to Marks Park.  The walk back was less congested and more leisurely.  Because of the weekend crowds, we decided to return on a weekday.  Hopefully parents would be back at work and children would be back in school.  With fewer people and smaller crowds, at least we’d be able to spend more time enjoying the sculptures rather than trying to make our way just to see the exhibits.

When we arrived back at Marks Park, we stopped for a few minutes to sit on the rocks — enjoying the breeze, the waves and the beautiful scenery.  Ahh.. life is good!