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It’s a good thing that I don’t write for a living.. or I wouldn’t have much to live on.  Stringing a series of words together to make sentences and paragraphs for even just a blog post doesn’t seem to be an easy task (for me).  I applaud those who can continuously crank out ideas, thoughts and theories in captivating and coherent ways.  Sometimes I get so caught up reading other people’s blogs that I forget that the time I’ve set aside is to write my post.

So before I go check out what’s been Freshly Pressed today or what’s waiting on my Reader for the blogs that I follow, I will commit my time right now, right here to finishing up my tardy weekly blog post.

Carrying on from my last blog post, V, K and I were spending the weekend in Sydney before returning to Wollongong.  As we were unable to have our mud crab feast on Saturday evening, K suggested having Sunday brunch at a cafe that served delicious soft shell crab omelets.  I’ve tried soft shell crab in sushi and was curious to see what it might taste like in an omelette.

We walked through the central business district (CBD) towards the cafe that V and K had been to many times before.  Unfortunately, as we approached, K noticed that the cafe wasn’t open.  In fact, it was not just closed for the day but no longer operating at that location.  Uncertain if it had moved or closed down, we wandered around the neighbourhood in search of an alternate place to eat.

My sense of direction is not good so I don’t know where we walked to and in which direction.  I just followed V and K until we somehow arrived at a place called Toast Cafe.  My post-trip “research” tells me that Toast is in the Surry Hills area and serves food created from fresh produce and organic ingredients.

Toast Cafe

Toast Cafe


It didn’t seem busy for a Sunday lunch hour and we were quickly seated at a spacious table.  After ordering our beverages (yes, I had another latte), I took a moment to look around the dining area and study the specials on the board.

IMG_9274IMG_9277 IMG_9273

My eyes instantly connected with the words “sweet corn” on the board but decided to give the other menu items a chance.  After reading all the descriptions, I narrowed down my choices to poached eggs or sweet corn.  Both sounded really good… but thinking back to my meals in Melbourne, I seemed to have ordered lots of poached eggs.   I decided to try something different and went with the “Sweet Corn & Kaffir Lime Fritters.”  K also had the fritters while V carried on with her scrambled eggs trend and picked the “Green Eggs & Ham.”

my latte

my latte

V's Green Eggs & Ham

V’s Green Eggs & Ham


The food was good and the ingredients were fresh.  I felt that the chilli jam and salsa added a good zing to compliment the haloumi.  As for the latte, I felt it was only okay.  Maybe I was comparing them to the ones in Melbourne.  The prices seemed a bit on the expensive side for the portions served but I suppose that’s what you get when eating at a cafe that uses fresh and organic ingredients and is located so close to Sydney’s CBD.
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