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After our very late brunch, V and I continued to explore the streets and laneways of Melbourne.


Despite the gloomy weather that descended upon us, we continued to wander.  The laneways were packed with interesting cafes and shops waiting to be discovered.

V and I stopped in Issus Cafe Bar, one of the many laneway cafes, to rest our feet and grab a quick drink.  V ordered a latte.  As I had already downed my latte before brunch, I decided to check out their juice menu.

so many choices...!

so many choices…!

Even though the weather was a little cool out, I was suddenly craving a cool drink. There were several interesting options and combinations on the menu.  By process of elimination (followed by my bias favouring watermelon), I selected the juice named “Issus,” a combination of watermelon, apple and orange.  A very refreshing combination.

Issus and latte

Issus and latte

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By the time we finished our drinks, V and I had planned out our activities for the afternoon.  We had dinner reservations for an Italian restaurant which we would have to plan around but that was still a good five hours away.  There was definitely time for another meal in there.  (We’re on a food trip!)  We decided to search for dumplings and what better place to do so than Chinatown.

We wandered up Little Bourke Street in Chinatown and peered at the various venues that might serve dumplings.  Nothing seemed to jump out at us.  Maybe we were looking at the wrong places or perhaps simple steamed dumplings really were that difficult for us to find.  We ventured into one of the lanes and came across New Kum Den.


As it was late afternoon and past the lunch rush, we were the only patrons in the restaurant.  We ordered a congee and some dumplings to share.



steamed dumplings

steamed dumplings

Our “comfort” food tasted pretty good despite the fact that V and I were both not hungry.  I know the food would have tasted even better if we were hungrier.  The congee and dumplings were simple and easy to eat and a nice change from the deep-fried or oiler food eaten the previous day. However, after the fourth or fifth bowl of congee, I was unable to eat anymore.  Full, content and ready for a nap.
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