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Jet lag. Sigh.

It’s 4:30 am Vancouver time (11:30 pm in Australia?) and though I feel exhausted from being up all day, I just can’t seem to fall asleep.  Too much tossing and turning so I have decided to get up and blog.

My two weeks in Australia flew by so quickly.  I have been back in Vancouver for less than 48 hours. However, with this lack of sleep problem, it feels like a few weeks already.

In my last post, I mentioned that V and I went searching for yummy eats while K worked.  In fact, we took a short (food) trip to Melbourne for a few days.  We started off our trip by taking the train from Wollongong to the Sydney Domestic Airport.  The train ride was relatively comfortable and the scenery was pleasant.  I cannot remember how long it took us to get there but we managed to get an earlier connection on one of the trains so it was probably just over 1.5 hours.

Here comes the train!

photo of the interior while the train is still relatively empty

While we were waiting for our flight, V and I decided to grab a quick bite from the airport food court.  There was quite a variety to look at but the Pie Face stall selling traditional Australian meat pies caught my attention.  Why wouldn’t it?

greeted by the pie faces

taking a closer look at the selection

There was so much variety to choose from.  I couldn’t decide which one to try so V and I ordered two pies to share.  Effectively, I got to try two pies in one sitting.  We ordered the chicken & mushroom as well as the steak & mushroom.

Our meats pies (waiting to be unwrapped)

our meat pies (waiting to be eaten)

While both meat pies tasted delicious, I preferred the chicken & mushroom over the steak & mushroom.  I found the beef in the steak & mushroom pie to be tougher and it reminded me of eating stew in a pie.  Perhaps that is how they are supposed to be…?  I prefer steak (beef) that was more like steak rather than stew.  On a side note, unfortunately I cannot seem to locate the Urbanspoon link for Pie Face at the Sydney airport.

It is almost 5:30 am Vancouver time now, so I guess I should try to catch a wink of sleep before I have to get up for the day.