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Hard to believe that my trip to Australia is half over.  Time just seems to fly when you’re having fun (and eating lots).

I’m staying with my friends, V and K, in Wollongong.  So while K works, V and I are off looking for yummy eats.  We did have a couple of meals at home because I played the role of the demanding house guest and asked that K make his famous lasagna.  Afterall, part of the reason I flew all the way over the Pacific was for that lasagna.  😉

Having arrived the previous morning after a lengthy and turbulent landing, I was well-rested for my first full day in Australia.

extra laps over the ocean and then extra turbulent laps over the city

Easing into our day, we decided on pancakes for breakfast.  I played the easy role of V’s assistant in the kitchen.

pancakes for breakfast? our ingredients on display

batter is mixed and bananas are ready

pancakes will be ready soon!

K made smoothies with orange juice, mango and banana… Perfect for our sunny brunch.

mmmm….mango in the smoothie

mango orange banana smoothie

When everything was ready, we set the table and enjoyed our brunch… with a view of Mt Keira. What a great way to start our day!

Breakfast with a view. Awesome!

Later in the afternoon, V and I went for a short trip to visit the Nan Tien Temple.

Nan Tien Temple

OK, I admit… we actually made a trip to the temple for the food.  The last time I visited, V and K took me to the temple and we did the main sightseeing … and then stopped for tea and dumplings.  I really enjoyed the food so I requested to visit the temple’s Dew Drop Inn Tea House for their munchies.

Nan Tien Temple Tea House

Technically it was our lunch so V and I ordered a lot more than last time.  Here’s what we ordered:

High Mountain Tea and French Rose Tea

our vegetarian spread

Steam Dumplings

Vegetarian Xiao Mai

Spring Rolls

Vegetarian Mince and Ham (Dry)

After our vegetarian lunch munchies at the temple, we had to plan for (what else?)… our next meal.  Watching K and V shop for lasagna ingredients was our next activity followed immediately by watching K prepare dinner.  Yes, he was making lasagna.

Yay!!  Very content….!