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As I count down the hours to another adventure, keeping myself busy by blogging sounds like a good idea.  Thankfully, the cold that plagued me last weekend and well into the early part of this week has decided to move on.

Between staying home to get well, running all my errands and frantically packing last night, I didn’t have much time or appetite to eat out this week.  In search for blogging inspiration, I went through my photo folders and found some pictures that I had taken when my sister and niece were in town last month.  We wanted to go for fish & chips in Steveston and originally wanted to go to Pajo’s on the Wharf.  However, we did not want to stand around waiting for our meal and then trying to find somewhere to sit.  We wanted a place where we could sit down and enjoy the wait and the meal.  I asked my friend Kathryn for suggestions and she recommended Dave’s Fish & Chips.

When we arrived at Dave’s Fish & Chips, the dining area was only half full.  We were quickly seated and after studying the menus quite thoroughly, we placed our order.  While waiting for our food, I tried to take pictures of my cute, little niece.  Consider it a mini-photo shoot.

my “camera-shy” niece hiding behind the little tiger I bought for her

When our food arrived, I looked up from my camera and noticed that not only had the place filled up, but people were also waiting for tables.  I guess we managed to slip in just before the rush.  Moving my focus from my niece to the food, I quickly snapped a few food pictures before everyone at the table started digging in.  I ordered the clam chowder and a piece of halibut and chips.  In my haste to take photos of everyone else’s meals, I must have forgotten to take a picture of my plate of fish and chips.

clam chowder

popcorn shrimp

sourdough bowl and salad

kids cod (and fries)

First Mates Platter & Chips

Not realizing how big the plates were, we definitely over-ordered for our party of five.  I enjoyed my meal but seeing as it was well over a month ago, I can’t tell you what specific things I liked about my fish and chips.  I remember the clam chowder was nice and thick.  I probably would have been full with just the clam chowder and maybe a little something extra.  In fact, the sourdough bowl and caesar salad that my sister ordered looked quite appetizing and I might order that on my next visit.  Oh yes, I liked the popcorn shrimp as well.  I would order that again too.  I did learn from this meal that my niece really likes crackers and fries.  Apparently she doesn’t like lemon much although she did snag the lemon off my plate.

After finishing what we could and packing the rest to go, we stepped out of the restaurant and into the September weather.  My niece really wanted ice cream (my fault for parking right beside the big ice cream sign) so we decided to take a stroll around Steveston to work off some of the food.  It was a beautiful, warm and peaceful day.  Because it was a weekday, we didn’t have to deal with the stress of weekend crowds.

Did you know that there are swans in Steveston?  I didn’t.  Apparently they are not afraid of humans and I have been told stories about the swans coming up to people for their food (or coffee).  In fact we watched one of the guys on the dock feed this swan some premium plus brand crackers.

niece meets swan


Our delightful day in Steveston ended perfectly for my niece… as she finally got what she had been asking for since the moment I had parked my car.  Ice cream!  I don’t remember what my niece picked out.  I went for the chocolate chip mint.  Mmm….yummy.

my chocolate chip mint ice cream

And now that I’m done blogging, the afternoon has just flown by.  It’s time for me to do my final luggage check to make sure I have the essentials for my trip.  So where am I off to?  I will be hanging out with my friends V and K in Australia.  🙂  I hope to be able to blog a bit while I am there.  But… you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t post anything while I am out-of-town.  Most likely I may be too busy eating (or watching V or K cook).  Alternatively, I could be having unresolved technological difficulties.

Home-made lasagna and dumplings… here I come!  🙂

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