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Nursing a cold really makes food less appealing.

I’m pretty sure I caught my cold from my sweet, little 3.5 year old niece.  She was in town visiting for the week leading up to Thanksgiving Day.   We had a sleepover weekend while she was in town.  Did I mention that my niece is an early-bird?  She wakes up at 5 in the morning and gets up before 7.  I’m pretty sure her coughing over me at 6 in the morning probably did the trick.  Of course, there’s also been the recent change in weather and the “everyone-around-me-at-work-is-getting-sick.”  Those probably didn’t help my situation but then my disrupted (and inadequate) sleep probably didn’t help either.

At first, I thought I was just tired and not well-rested — the feeling of exhaustion hovering not too far away.  Not too long after, I realized that my body was more than just tired but was actively engaged in fighting the onset of a cold and, unfortunately, was losing that battle.  When the signs of a dry, scratchy throat was not quenched by drinking more water, I knew I was in trouble.  It’s almost as if that slight acknowledgement gave my cold the upper hand and the sore throat crept in to claim its territory.  G-r-e-a-t…

I managed to attend work for the rest of the week although I could also feel the symptoms worsening progressively.  I probably spent the latter part of the work week looking miserable.. but then, that’s to be expected since “miserable” doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.   Somehow, I made it through the week with minimal appetite and eating congee or soup in the evenings.  This weekend was spent eating my comfort food of homemade congee.

As like every weekend, I sat down to write a weekly blog post.  I started a few posts about various other places… but I got as far as the first couple of sentences and could not get myself to write any further.  It’s hard to think of flavourable food when I have no appetite and the only thing I want is simple congee.   Those posts and pictures will have to wait until I am feeling better.

For now, here are a couple of photos of the turkey that I made for our Thanksgiving dinner last weekend.  Years ago, I used to prepare the turkey and stuffing every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The last few years, with so few people around the table, we stopped making turkey and stuffing at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A turkey can last a long, long time (too many meals).  Last Christmas, big sis and her family were in town so we had turkey and stuffing again.  It was a somewhat disastrous meal… the turkey was dry and tough, the stuffing was cooked funny and the gravy was lumpy.  Luckily, this time the turkey and stuffing turned out really well.  Definitely something worth giving thanks for (I didn’t ruin the meal).  For someone who doesn’t cook much, I was quite proud of myself.  I also made an intelligent decision and let someone else make the gravy.  It was a fabulous meal!

turkey and stuffing..yum yum…

turkey waiting to be carved