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A few weeks ago, “M-dot” and I were discussing the various downtown lunch options.  Our discussion gradually turned to the comparison of food carts/trucks in the downtown core.  Actually, it was more like “What food trucks have you tried?”  Even though there are several popular food carts within reasonable walking distance to the office, I must admit that I have tried very few.  M-dot seemed a bit surprised by this and so I briefly listed my reasons for not visiting more food trucks around town.  I also mentioned that it is boring standing around,by myself, waiting to order and then again to pick up my food.  I would probably try out more places if I had company.

M-dot recommended a few trucks to try.  One of the trucks he recommended was the Salvadoran food at Guanaco Truck (food cart).  I remember that he got quite animated while talking about this particular food truck.  I told him that I had not tried Salvadoran food before and would be clueless of what to order and expect.  Of course, assuming that I could even find the food truck since I had no idea what it looked like.  Being the nice guy that he is (yes, M-dot, that is a compliment..), M-dot told me that the next time he goes to Guanaco Truck, I could just follow him there and order the same thing.

It took us a few weeks to find a matching lunch break for our venture to Guanaco Truck.  It’s a good thing that I waited for M-dot to lead the way because apparently the truck had changed locations.  Our walk to the food cart took much longer since we looped around looking for it.  Ironically, the truck had actually moved closer to our office and was situated outside H-Mart on Seymour and Robson.  To our good fortune, there was no line-up when we arrived.  Yay!

Guanaco food cart

Ordering food

M-dot pointed out what he was we were ordering – Pupusa Platters.  The options were pork, chicken or vegetarian.  He ordered the pork pupusa platter so I followed suit.  After placing our orders, we hung around and waited for our numbers to be called. M-dot got his order first.  While we waited for my food, M-dot opened up his container to point out the various parts of the platter.

Pupusa Platter

The pupusa came in the shape of a round tortilla stuffed with deliciousness.  He pointed at something that looked like a fried potato wedge and explained that it was actually yuca, a deep fried cassava root.  The order also came with some salsa and a slaw.  I’m sure M-dot must have told me the appropriate names while describing each and every item in the container.  Unfortunately, I’ve always been bad at “remembering names”… and apparently this extends into food names as well.

When we finally sat down to enjoy our lunches, M-dot showed me his method of eating the pupusa.  It was very simple — spread the slaw and the salsa on the pupusa and … ta-dah!  Ready to eat!

.. now it’s ready to eat!

The pupusa with the slaw and salsa spread over it tasted yummy.  The combination of flavours on top were delightful and I finished the pupusa in (my) record time.  I then turned my attention to the fried yuca and was also very pleased.  I told M-dot that this meal was worth the walk and that I would go back there again sometime.  I even know what to order and how to eat it.
Thanks for introducing me to this yummy food, M-dot!

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