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Today, we gathered together to celebrate a friend’s life and bid him farewell.  BA was a genuine and friendly person who always had a good story to share.

The first time I met BA was 4 years ago.  If you read my previous post, you may already be aware that I had been given an opportunity to work at a different location. Although BA did not work there, he did come by to pick up K (his wife – one of the amazing people who is now a good friend) after her long day at work.  We exchanged our first hellos.

Fast forward a few years,  K and I have become good friends.  When K was required to work downtown, BA would accompany her.  We would all arrive super early in the morning and go for coffee before starting another busy day at the office.  It was during these times that BA would share his stories and anecdotes.  Sometimes K, BA and I would discuss local news while other times we swapped travel anecdotes.  Almost anything and everything under the sun was open for discussion.

K, BA and I went for dinner a few times.  One time, we went for Shanghaiese food.  I was tasked with ordering.  It was fun watching BA get excited as the food was brought to the table.   K and BA were game for everything …  except BA did make a special request for their mandatory sweet & sour pork and lemon chicken.  😉  I was uncertain of what to expect for sweet & sour pork at a Shanghaiese restaurant..  Surprisingly enough, the “sweet & sour pork” at this place tasted pretty good.

BA passed away recently after a battle with cancer.  Today, friends and family gathered together to celebrate his life.  It was a beautiful day and a lovely location for the service.  It was important to be there to give K a hug and offer her comfort and support.  It was also interesting to hear stories about BA and learn more about him from his family and friends.

I will miss the days of BA, K and I sitting around the coffee shop enjoying some good chuckles.  I will miss watching BA eagerly await the Chinese dishes that we ordered off the menu or comparing notes on what the three of us liked and didn’t like.

BA, you will be dearly missed by all.