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The last few blog posts have been small glimpses into my food quests.  A few photos of the food or drink shared and a thought or two connected to that particular eating experience included.

Sometimes I feel the need to write more.  I try to expand on a short thought hidden somewhere in the blog post.  It becomes a staring contest between the computer screen and myself as I try to piece together little bits of ideas and phrases.  When I make a move to capture the word collage, the sentence disperses and I am back to square one again.

I think a lot.  Most times, it is just random thoughts that float in and float out of my mind.  No major inspirations or sparks of enlightenment.  No plans to conquer the world or develop some major invention.  Memories, what-ifs and inconclusive topics tend to dominate.  It’s entirely possible that the whole reminiscing theme that’s been ongoing through the month of August may have played a part in all this thinking as well.

Have you ever felt as though life sometimes goes in cycles?  Or that there are a series of events that occur in succession again (deja vu?) to bring attention to some things or some people again?  Or perhaps it is just being put back into a similar situation as something from the past and suddenly all the players from that time are front and centre of your attention again.

Four years ago, I was offered an opportunity at a different location for a short period of time.  The dates clashed with my trip to Australia.  After considering what was being asked of me, I took on the opportunity and decided to delay my trip to Australia by 2 weeks.  It was an opportunity (and a decision) that I am thankful for.

Through that short stint at another location, I got to know some amazing people.  Some I had met previously but may only have had short conversations of “hello” and “goodbye.”   A few others were new faces that I met while at this other location.  Over the years, some of these amazing people have become good friends.

Recently I was asked to go to this location again just for a couple of days.  I eagerly said yes.  Perhaps it is the timing or the chain of events but I then had a case of deja vu.  Asked to go to the same location as four years ago to take on the same type of role around the same time of year followed by a trip to Australia shortly after.  Okay, Australia tickets haven’t been booked yet but the vacation time has been approved.

Yet, many things are also different.  I reflect on how friendships have evolved over the last four years.  Friends that I used to hang out with at that time have since moved on to different phases in their life, guided by changes in career, family or other factors.  The communication may have weakened or taken a temporary pause.  On the other hand, some people who were just strangers at the time have now become good friends.  They, as well, have been through changes since we met.   Life is unpredictable – enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Interestingly enough, while reflecting on these changes the other day, a sudden thought of comfort food popped in my mind.  If at that very moment, I could indulge in one meal, what would I want?  What could cheer me up?  It wasn’t congee like I would have normally expected.  I suddenly wanted a big plate of Keyhan’s Famous Lasagna.

I first tried this lasagna while visiting V & K in Australia four years ago.  (Perhaps it is part of the four-year cycle?)  It was delicious.  I remember having two big servings of it.  V, do you think it’s on the menu the next time I visit?