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A few weeks ago, my friend suggested meeting up for lunch at a place called Commune Cafe.  In her email, my friend included the link to Commune Cafe’s website.  Having never been there before, I followed the link and was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of their webpage.  All the pertinent information is readily available.  No need to click extra links or search all over the website.  The address, along with a map, is immediately visible upon arrival to the webpage.  Scrolling down a little further reveals their menu.

We arrived at Commune Cafe shortly after noon, just beating the lunch crowd.  I was excited to see that they have cream soda.  Guess what I picked as my drink…

cream soda

I ordered the Balsamic Marinated Vegetable sandwich. I like zucchini.  I have also taken up a recent liking to the slight bitter flavour of arugula.  When I read that the Balsamic Marinated Vegetable sandwich consisted of roasted zucchini and arugula, it was obvious what I had to order.  If you’ve checked out the menu on the  Commune Cafe website, you may have noticed that this sandwich also includes the following:  roasted red peppers, artichokes, eggplant, and caramelized onions.  While I don’t really care for roasted red peppers, the other ingredients sounded like a delicious blend.

After placing our orders with the cashier, we decided to sit outside to enjoy the sunny weather.  By the time our sandwiches were served, the exterior seating was starting to fill up.  It’s a good thing we got there early enough to pick our seats.

outside seating at Commune Cafe

Balsamic Marinated Vegetable sandwich

My friend picked the Bacon Lovers sandwich which is made from a combination of apple wood smoked bacon, arugula, tomato and pesto.

Bacon Lovers sandwich

Fortunately for us, the sandwiches were cut into halves.  My friend and I decided to swap half a sandwich so that we could try each other’s selection.   Of the two sandwiches, we preferred the Bacon Lovers.  The flavours blended well although the pesto made the sandwich seem oily.  As for the Balsamic Marinated Vegetable sandwich, my friend pointed out that perhaps there was too much arugula and not enough sauce or other flavours to counter the bitterness.  I agree with her assessment.

I think the next time I go to Commune Cafe, I’m going to try the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich.  🙂

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