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Last week, Vikki and I managed to arrange another dinner.  Finding a compatible time in our schedule is never an easy task.  We would have met up a week earlier but unfortunately, she injured her foot and we postponed our plans.

While trying to figure out what day we could meet up, we also bounced around suggestions on where to grab a bite.  The decision was easy when Vikki suggested The American Cheesesteak Co. on Davie Street.  I heard from co-workers that the cheesesteak sandwiches were amazing.  Neither Vikki nor myself had been there before so we decided to check it out.

The week leading up to our dinner was hot… hot and stuffy.  One friend described the feeling really well … lethargic.  Interestingly enough, immediately after the weekend, the weather cooled significantly.  I vaguely remember reading about overnight rain in the forecast.  When Vikki and I met up after work to walk over to The American Cheesesteak Co., the skies had greyed over and the breeze even carried a bit of a chill.

We arrived at the shop and after a quick study of the menu, placed our orders at the cashier.  Studying the menu was an easier task for me this time as I had already asked my coworker M for recommendations.  He suggested that I try The Classic… so guess what I ordered?

my Classic Cheesesteak with American cheese

our orders

I enjoyed my cheesesteak.  The Classic was a delightful blend of prime rib with sauteed onions, mushrooms and topped with cheese.  In case you’re wondering why Vikki’s cheesesteak has so much more cheese, I think it’s because she ordered her’s with Provolone cheese.  If that’s not the reason, then maybe they wanted to give her more cheese.

Vikki also ordered a chocolate ice cream shake.  Because of the cooler weather, I decided against ordering an ice cream shake.  I did, however, try a sip of her order… and it was delicious.  Next time, I’m getting one too!  I also look forward to trying some of their specialty steaks.

As we enjoyed the last bites of our meal, we looked out the window and realized it was raining heavily. We waited for the rain to let up for a bit and then trekked back to the car.  Luckily, the rain had calmed to a sprinkle while I commuted home.  A few minutes after arriving home, the storm started again and this time, with zaps of lightning followed by the deep rumbling of thunder.

thunderstorm …. (www.theweathernetwork.com)

I was fortunate enough to not get caught in the thunderstorm.  The thunder and lightning lasted well into the evening.  I was asleep long before the storm subsided.

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