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It’s on hot and stuffy days like today that I do not mind staying at home and resting.

I was actually hoping to hear from some friends who are visiting from HK — perhaps even arrange when and where to meet.  No phone call yet and maybe something has delayed their arrival or they may have forgotten to note my contact information before leaving town.  The email said that they will only be in town this weekend as they fly en route to the States.  I do have some other weekend plans that were made prior but everything else is on hold until after I hear from them.  I really do hope to meet up with them while they are in town.

So while I patiently waited for a phone call (or email), I spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing my room.  At one point, I paused to reminisce about dinner with friends at Guu Otokomae last year.   I remember it was a hot day and, like today, it felt like the air was not moving.  Luckily we were seated at a window seat and could enjoy the slight movement in the air despite the lack of breeze.

view from our window seat at Guu Otokomae

My friend, V, really likes Guu Otokomae.  How do I know this?  I have only been to this restaurant four times. The location is not convenient for me so unless someone else wants to go there and does the driving, then Guu in Gastown does not come to mind.  Unsurprisingly, three of those four visits were suggested by V.  I know she likes the interesting drink menu that they have  — it is very colourful.  On this particular occasion, I decided to try one of their drinks.

I think I ordered the Margaret Jump

As the picture caption suggests, I think I ordered the Margaret Jump.  I love the taste of lime juice and my eyes zoomed into those very words in the drink description.  Probably one of the quickest decisions that I have made when faced with so many options.  Unlike the photo on the menu, however, the cranberry ice balls seemed to have lost their colouring pretty quickly.

We ordered an assortment of menu items to share:

With the variety of items that were ordered, we were able to sample a bit of everything.  Although it has already been a year since this visit, I still remember that I really enjoyed the ebi mayo, beef tataki and enoki scallops.  Yummy….

After that little day-dreaming and reminiscing break, I went back to the boring task of cleaning and organizing.  And waiting.. hopefully my visiting friends will get in touch with me.

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