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A few weeks ago, Patricia and I went for brunch again.  Patricia had mentioned that she wanted to go somewhere other than our usual White Spot.  When asked where she wanted to go, she suggested finding a place along Main Street.  I thought of a few places along Main Street and King Edward Avenue, but since our brunch plans had been set for late morning, I wasn’t sure what the “line-up” situation would be like.  Did I mention, I really dislike lining up?

Determined to find a place that takes reservations in the neighbourhood, I did a bit of online research to find brunch places close to Main Street and King Edward Avenue.  Several suggestions came up but for some reason, Fray on Fraser caught my attention.    I happily made the online reservation after confirming that Patricia was cool with the suggestion.

Fray is on Fraser Street, just a block north of King Edward Avenue.  Walking into Fray was like walking into a retro-style eatery.  I had requested a booth seat (if possible) and was pleased that there was one available.

Patricia and J arrived shortly after I was seated.  After exchanging our greetings, ordering our beverages and observing the interior decor of Fray, we turned our attention to the menus.  Did I mention they were showing re-runs of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe on their television?  😉

My peppermint tea with honey on the side

Inside Fray

Activity sheet for the table

Fray’s brunch menu… so many options!

Fray’s menu (part 2)

With so many options to choose from, it took a long time to finally put our (my) order in.  Did I want an omelette or a benny?  Perhaps a sandwich instead? I kept eyeing the Portobello Fries on the menu but decided that just having fries for brunch might not be a good idea.  Luckily, Patricia and J helped me resolve that dilemma by suggesting we share an order of the fries.

Choices and decisions…   If you saw how much effort was put into reading the descriptions and deciding what I wanted to order, you might think I was studying for an exam  I finally settled on a Veggie Benny but asked for the hollandaise sauce on the side.  Patricia and J were much faster with their decisions.  Patricia ordered a Farmers’ Omelette and J ordered a Mac and Cheese (Jr. size).  No kidding you.. it was a kid’s size.

Portobello Fries – yum yum…

J’s order of Mac and Cheese (Don’t worry, the pencil crayons are only there for size-comparison, not for eating)

Patricia’s Farmers’ Omelette

My Veggie Benny with the hollandaise sauce on the size

Instead of the usual english muffin, the Veggie Benny consisted of poached eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach served on polenta.  I enjoyed my choice and was glad that I had asked for the hollandaise sauce on the side.  I realized that I prefer to not have the hollandaise sauce.

As for the Portobello Fries, they were d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!   My next visit to Fray will definitely include another order of the Portobello Fries.

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