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While food carts/trucks around town are a great idea, I have not made much of an effort to try them.  Perhaps it is because I don’t like the idea of standing around on the street waiting to order or waiting for my order.  It could also be because I don’t like fishing through my purse and/or wallet for money on the street.  Or, part of the problem could be determining how to juggle my wallet/purse, meal and drink all at the same time while trying to find some place to sit and eat my lunch.  I can be a messy eater even while seated at a table with proper utensils — you can probably imagine how much messier I am without all those aids.  It would be a fair statement to say all of the above AND also because I greatly dislike dealing with the above issues in the rain. Oh yes, blame it on the rain.

Having said all that, I have tried a few food carts on the rare occasion.  Usually that means someone else really wanted to go to a specific food cart and I tagged along.  Earlier this week was one such rare occasion.   It was one of those days when I had neither lunch plans nor urgent errands to run.  A couple of people from my office were going to the Roaming Dragon. It didn’t take much arm-twisting to get me to join in.  What can I say?  Having company in the line-up of a highly recommended food cart on a bright and sunny day.  That in and of itself was motivation enough.

Roaming Dragon food truck

Roaming Dragon menu as seen in July 2012

Luckily there was a short line-up when we got to the food truck.  The line was long enough to give me time to study the menu and decide what I wanted to order but short enough so that it didn’t seem like I was waiting forever just to order.  We placed our individual orders and then waited off to the side. I noticed that the ordering line had lengthened quite a bit.  Maybe we just slipped in before the rush.

Here’s a look at what was ordered:

Chinese Pork Sliders – looks like it is served on a steam bun. I should try this next time.

Sloppy Duck – this one looks filling! (and yes… maybe messy too!)

My lunch: Bulgogi Gordita – Look inside! The menu says something about beef brisket, kimchi and sesame fried bun.

My lunch with the sesame visible on the fried bread

My bulgogi gordita lunch was very flavourful.  There was a bit of a zing to the taste but not spicy hot.  I particularly liked the fried bread as it had a sweet taste to it.  It was a bit difficult to pick up and hold as the bottom bun got soaked from the beef brisket sauce.  Not to worry though, with the assistance of a fork from the lunchroom — not an issue.  The food was good and I think one day I will go back and try some of the other menu items.

There is one thing that may cause me to pause.  I will need to first determine what activities or commitments are required of me later that day.  Unfortunately, I smelled like the spices of my meal for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.  It could be just a matter of how my body processes the spices and then emanates the smell.  I wouldn’t recommend eating this before an important meeting.  Or, at least I shouldn’t.

I am still not keen about standing on the street to order and wait for food.  However, if the occasion came up again that coworkers are going to the Roaming Dragon and I have no lunch plans or errands to run on another sunny day, then I will go back and try some of the other menu items.

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