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There is a saying.  “When fate hands you a lemon…”  In fact, I wasn’t quite sure what the original quote was and decided to search it online.  I found this on my search and hopefully is correct:  “When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”  – Dale Carnegie.  So while I can’t quite make lemonade yet, I can distract myself with some happy thoughts.  Food is always a good distraction and so is blogging, apparently.

This particular morning/afternoon, I am reminiscing about visiting my sister in Calgary.  I remember watching my cute little niece entertain herself while we were waiting for brunch at Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch in downtown Calgary.

After our filling dinner at Franca’s the night before, my sister picked Cora’s for Sunday brunch.  The Cora’s that we went to is in downtown Calgary’s Bow Valley Square.  The traffic downtown on a Sunday morning was relatively light.  It was my first visit to Cora’s and despite not being much of a morning person, I was happy to be greeted by the colourful and kid-friendly environment.

It took me a long time to decide what to order.  The menus were colourful and all the pictures were mouth-watering.  So many options of fresh fruit!  When the server came by to take our drink orders, I just followed suit and ordered a hot chocolate as well.    One less decision to make.

So many colourful options!

hot chocolate with whipping cream

After much page-flipping, reading descriptions, comparing and thinking, I was finally ready to order. In the meantime, my niece had found other ways to entertain herself.

my cute little niece peering over the divider

After a short wait, the food arrived at our table.

Cora’s Special with all sausage and no bacon

a full plate of eggs benedict and more..

very fluffy and fruity blueberry pancakes

My breakfast choice: Buckwheat Blessing

I wanted something with lots of fruit and definitely got that.  I also like sausages which were rolled up in the buckwheat crepes.  I was pretty full by the time I worked my way to the third sausage and crepe.  In fact, I had to share the grapes around the table and especially to my niece.  My niece wanted to try the gooseberry but she didn’t seem to like it after the first bite.  The sour-looking facial expression after her bite said it all.

The meal was quite enjoyable and I would probably go back again.  I will likely order something different though to try the other colourful menu items.

While writing this blog post, I came to realize that there are three Cora’s in Greater Vancouver – Richmond, Coquitlam and White Rock.  All a little far for me to travel to for brunch (read: NOT a morning person) but maybe when they open up in Vancouver or Burnaby, I’ll try to visit one.

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