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V was back in town again!!!

I always enjoy spending time with V – hanging out, chatting about everything under the sun and, of course, eating. V was back in town again for two weeks but busy with family for most of that time.  I did take a day off work just to hang out with her and we also managed to squeeze in a couple of interesting dinners as well.

Arrangements for a group dinner started months in advance.  After figuring out V’s availability, we worked out dinner plans for an evening where B and T were also available.  Restaurant suggestions bounced back and forth over email.  My list included a suggestion for Les Faux Bourgeois which seemed to receive the most nods of approval from everyone.

Interestingly enough, I first heard of Les Faux Bourgeois from B last year.  She was thinking of having her birthday dinner there.  Although we ended up going somewhere else for her birthday, the fact that B suggested it last year meant it is worth going to.

We arrived for our 6:30 pm reservation to a packed restaurant.  We were seated at the back of the restaurant so the lighting for photos was not good.  I did manage to take a pictures but the meat looks very dark.  Have a look…


fennel salad .. but I don’t see the full french name on their current menu

I think this was the Ris de Veau

Salade de Chevre Chaud

Moules Mariniere (mussels and fries)

rack of lamb

veal chop

I ordered the fennel salad as a starter and the veal chop as my entrée.  Of course, that didn’t stop me from trying a bite of everyone else’s food as well.  I didn’t eat the mussels though as they fall in the same category as oysters for me.  Did I mention that I keep away from cooked oysters as well?  I did enjoy the order of fries that V had.

And, as you know, there is a separate stomach for dessert when you really want to add that to your meal.  Ordering dessert was an easy task for us.  We all wanted something different yet we all wanted to try each other’s desserts.  Here’s what we collectively came up with:

Classic crème brûlée

Nut-crusted chocolate silk cake

Passion fruit tart

pear tart

Would I come back here again?  Oh, most definitely!

Already looking forward to my next dinner there….

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