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As I become more familiar with WordPress,  I have started to check out, leave comments on and follow other blogs.  One blog that I have been following is Photos by Foodie.  This past week, the daily posts have been about her visit to Victoria. Today, she posted about her dinner at Pagliacci’s.

When I think about Victoria, the first thoughts that come to mind are the fun and relaxing times I have when visiting with my friend and her family in Victoria.  I also remember going to Victoria for work a few years ago.  I stayed downtown and had asked my friends for suggestions on where to go for dinner.  They suggested Pagliacci’s Restaurant on Broad & Fort Street.  My colleague and I went there to try it out.  We enjoyed the food so much that we dined there again when we were  back in Victoria the following month.

Last year, while V was still in town, we decided to do a little weekend getaway to Victoria.  OK, I’ll admit…  we were there for a “food trip.”  We took public transit to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal and boarded the ferry as walk-on passengers.  After arriving in downtown Victoria, we rested for a bit before heading out to dine at Pagliacci’s.

Pagliacci’s entrance

After a short wait, we were seated at a table and the tasty foccacia bread was served.  I love their foccacia bread.  I remember the first time I dined at Pagliacci’s, we had a second basket of bread and I was unable to finish my meal.  This time, I made sure to not stuff myself with the yummy foccacia bread.  Instead, V and I decided to try a couple of drinks.

foccacia bread

“Virgin Suicide” and “The Hardy Gras”

The interior of the restaurant is quite dark and lit mostly by candle light.  As such, the quality of the photos taken were quite poor.  Regardless, the food was great!  We started off by sharing a very simple yet fresh salad.  As for the entrees, I must admit that I cannot remember what we ordered.  But whatever it was, it was delicious!

my portion of the salad

our dinners

After our tummy-satisfying dinner, we decided to do a leisurely stroll back to our hotel.  Luckily the rain had stopped while we were having dinner and we were able to enjoy the quiet comforts of Victoria.

BC Parliament Buildings at night

Pagliacci's on Urbanspoon