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I have walked by Culinaria Restaurant at the Art Institute of Vancouver many times and often wondered what it would be like to dine there.  One evening last year, Barb, N and I were walking around downtown after a very filling dinner.  As we walked by Culinaria, N mentioned that she wanted to try it out some day.  Barb and I both expressed our interest in the place as well and agreed to “next time.”

Fast-forward six months and we were making plans to go for dinner again.  This time, Winston was joining us as well.  As we bounced emails back and forth to figure out where to eat, I suddenly remembered and suggested Culinaria.  The suggestion was well-received and reservations were made.

N and I arrived early for dinner and were seated by the window looking out Granville Street.  Barb and Winston joined us shortly and we were quickly engrossed in conversation.  It’s a good thing that the menu is simple and not over one page.  We all opted for the “3 courses for $28” meal – appetizer, entrée and dessert.

taster item from the restaurant

decor for the table

appetizer: wild salmon tartar

appetizer: warm duck salad

I ordered the warm duck salad as my starter plate.  It was delectable!   I probably could have enjoyed this as a full entrée.  Too bad it was only being offered as a salad plate.

Entrée: wild sockeye salmon with herb butter sauce

Entrée: duck confit

Entrée: New York steak with pomme frites (part 1)

Entrée: New York steak with pomme frites (part 2)

I ordered the New York steak and pomme frites as my entrée and I was not disappointed.  I don’t remember much about the steak but the pomme frites were delicious.  I was really full after my salad and steak but still managed to clear off the dish of pomme frites.

N decided she was going for the duck meal and had ordered the warm duck salad as her starter plate and the duck confit as her entrée.  Too bad they didn’t offer a duck dessert else she could have had a full duck meal.

When we were done with our entrees, the server dropped by to tell us our four dessert options.  We decided to order one of each of the daily dessert selection and share them around the table.  It took the server a long time to take our order but I used that time to look around the restaurant as well.

the kitchen

Dessert 1 – truffles

Dessert 2

Dessert 3

Dessert 4 – bread pudding

My plate of dessert

Oh yes, I realize that the last plate doesn’t look particularly appetizing but I guess that is what happens when you start cutting up chunks of different desserts.  My favourite was the bread pudding.

I think I will go back to Culinaria again.  I’m curious to see what they will offer for their summer menu.

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