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A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with my good friend, Patricia.  As we got chatting, the topic eventually turned to blogging.  Patricia has been blogging for longer than I have.  However, I had noticed that she hadn’t posted anything new in a few months.  When I mentioned this to her, she revealed that her blog was in the process of being revamped.  As it turns out, her blog is now ready for relaunching!  Yay!  On this special occasion, I dedicate this post to celebrate the redesign and launch of Patricia’s website (www.patriciafu.com),

Patricia and I meet periodically to hang out, do some catching up on each other’s lives and, most importantly, share some good food. Last summer, Patricia and I decided to stop into Zefferelli’s Spaghetti Joint for a bite.  After placing our order, we were served some bread and marinara sauce.

bread and marinara sauce

I really like the tangy marinara sauce and could probably eat another loaf of bread if I hadn’t ordered so much food already.  Must leave some space for the other dishes!  Luckily our appetizers arrived shortly after.

Appetizer: Tomato & Bocconcini

Appetizer: Antipasto Misto

The Tomato & Bocconcini was very satisfying.  I would definitely order this again.  As for the Antipasto Misto… that’s a meal of its own.  Although we did share the appetizers, I think just the Antipasto MIsto would have been adequate for the two of us.  Despite the overeating that we were about to embark on, I am glad that we ordered both since I would not have realized how yummy the Tomato & Bocconcini was if we only ordered the Antipasto Misto.  Oh don’t worry, we still had more food to come.

I think this was the Penne al Pomodoro. (I can’t remember now… it was 10 months ago…)

Lobster Ravioli with Chicken Ragu Sauce (that’s what Patricia remembers after 10 months.. Impressive!)

Needless to say, we reached our “full” limit pretty quickly.  I remember packing more than half of my pasta to go.  It made for a really delicious lunch at work the next day.

As you may, or may now know, I have a separate section of my stomach for desserts.  One of my friends had once raved about the Tiramisu at Zefferelli’s.  Patricia and I, being the curious people that we are, ordered one dessert to share.


The Tiramisu tasted really good despite how full we were.  After our meal, Zefferelli’s was added to our list of restaurants to revisit.

Interested in reading about our Zefferelli’s meal from a few weeks ago?  I’ve written a guest post for her site.  Check out our Zefferelli’s meal – version May 2012!

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