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Last year, my friend posted a status update on her birthday that said something to the effect of “going to find as many birthday freebies” as she could.  Do you pay attention to all the benefits and discounts that you get when you sign up for various memberships and/or e-newletters?  I must admit that I don’t.  However, I do recall seeing some “birthday” specials as well. The only ones that I’ve consistently (if you can call two years in a row “consistent”) used are the Starbucks free drink and the Provence free dessert.

As I started to psychologically prepare myself for the upcoming age-change, I remembered the status update that my friend had posted.   Forget about the aging factor … think positive, right?  I decided to surf online to see what information was out there.  It would be much easier getting a summarized version than having to check each website or newsletter that I had signed up for.

The first link I came across was a posting on “Restaurants with Birthday Freebies” on Forum Vancouver.  I looked at the list and decided that if I wasn’t already signed up for the respective eClub or e-newsletter, I wasn’t about to change that.  I signed up for Red Robin’s eClub a long time ago though I rarely found the opportunity to use the free burger coupon. Really, I should take advantage of this free birthday burger.

I continued to scroll down and came across a comment posted by Steven Zussino about a free eBook that he and his wife had written.  The eBook is called “Free Stuff on your Birthday for Canadians.”  I briefly skimmed the eBook and was amazed to see how many free things are available for the birthday boy/girl.  I must remember to plan earlier next year.  hahaha…

A week before my birthday, I received my Starbucks birthday postcard in the mail.  The next morning, I went in and enjoyed my first birthday freebie of the year – a grande vanilla soy no foam latte.

Starbucks grande vanilla soy no foam latte … with my reusable Cupcoats sleeve.

I also went back into my many email accounts and located the Red Robin’s email.  Interestingly enough, I didn’t realize they now have a new rewards program.  I still received my birthday burger email.

Birthday Teriyaki Chicken Burger with Poutine

For as long as I have been receiving the Provence birthday emails, I have always shared my birthday dessert platter with Barb.  The first year of receiving the birthday email, I asked Barb if she minded going for dinner at Provence Marinaside after work one day.  I told her about the free birthday dessert and that I wanted to check it out.  Since then, we’ve been going every year.  The only difference is that Winston now joins us for dinner as well.  It’s great — we go for a relaxing, tasty and filling dinner.  The best part though, is that Barb and Winston are so used to my food-photo habit that Barb always reminds Winston to wait for me to take the photo first.  I also know that Winston remembers but is actually moving his plate closer to me so that I can get a better angle.  🙂

sampler item offered by restaurant. can’t remember what the server called it…

Appetizer: Grilled Mushrooms

Appetizer: Warm Goat Cheese Salad

My Appetizer: Prosciutto Wrapped Bocconcini

Entree: Roasted Free Run 1/2 Chicken Provençal

Entree: Provençal Linguini Vongole

My Entree: Spaghettini with scallops and prawns

After dinner, the birthday dessert platter was served and we shared the deliciousness.  It really is ideal for sharing and sampling.

Birthday dessert platter from Provence

Provence Marinaside Restaurant on Urbanspoon

On a side note, I found a few birthday emails that were not food-related.  One email was from RW&CO offering a 25% discount for the birthday week.  Unfortunately, I was busy before and after the 3 days of my birthday and did not have time to check out the shops.  Oh well, just means that I won’t be spending money there for a while.  I did, however, take advantage of the Sephora Beauty Insider birthday “gift” and picked up this little treat:

Sephora’s Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo

Maybe having a birthday and getting older might not be that bad of a thing after all!  😉