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When it became obvious that my travel plans to HK were not going to fly, I cancelled most of my requested vacation time.  I did keep a few vacation days for a short trip to visit friends on Vancouver Island.

I really enjoy visiting C and her family.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it is away from home but not too far.  Or maybe because travel to this peaceful place only requires a ferry ride and no flights involved.  Actually, it is because visiting with C is always relaxing and carefree.  Her place is comfortable and her company is enjoyable.  Spending time with her family, and especially with the kids, reminds me of the simple pleasures in life.  Her kids are adorable and every time I visit, they seem to have grown a lot.  It’s good to know that they find “Auntie Shelley” still “cool” enough to play with!  😉

Did I mention that C cooks very yummy meals?  (Yes, of course there is a food connection in here!)  C knew that I was visiting around the time of my birthday and cooked up a delicious crab meal on my first night in town.  We walked around Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf in the afternoon, watched the sea lion, otter and/or seal play in the water and bought some fresh crab.

watching the wildlife play at Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf

buying dungeness crab from the wharf

C makes a very delicious crab meal from a simple combination of garlic, ginger and green onion.  Of course, the dungeness crabs are the main highlight.

crabs are cleaned and ready for cooking

garlic first

almost ready!!

ready to eat!! yummy!!

I was already pleasantly surprised that C had remembered my birthday and had cooked up this tasty crab meal while I was visiting.  I was given another delightful surprise on the last evening of my stay when her family presented me with a surprise birthday cake!

surprise birthday cake

Thank you to C and her family for a fun and memorable birthday trip!!  🙂